Exquisite, succulent Pyrenean Milk Fed Lamb Shoulders for the perfect Sunday lunch: out of season: due Spring 2025

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We apologise, but this lamb is currently unavailable; it is anticipated to arrive in Spring 2025.
Pyrenean Milk Fed Lamb is exquisite. Renowned worldwide as the ultimate lamb, it’s likely to be the best you can ever taste. Our Club gourmet food suppliers are sending it to feature on the menu of the famous Michelin-Star restaurant La Gavroche, among other great restaurants—and we are delighted to say that our Members are invited to enjoy it too.
What we look for in Pyrenean lamb is the wonderful flavour of its crispy skin as well as the cartilaginous texture of the ‘small bones’ and the subtle taste of the pale, tender meat: it’s wonderful!
Arriving in good time for Easter, so easy to cook and serve, this is the lamb to make a special lunch or dinner an unparalleled success, thereby securing your status as a bon viveur chef!
The flavour, tenderness and succulence of Pyrenean lamb are unbeatable because they have only ever suckled on their mother’s milk. The hardy mountain breeds of ewe give birth at the foot of the Pyrenees, and the conditions in which the lambs are reared means they are free from antibiotics and hormones—the lambs suckle the milk, the ewes eat the herbs and grasses of the mountains. The result is a healthy meat which tastes wonderful. And our Pyrenean Lamb is backed by ‘Label Rouge’ which further distinguishes it from the crowd as a very special quality.
Two cuts: leg or shoulder joints. Both are sublime—shoulder is for those who enjoy a little more fat, and therefore flavour, but neither could be described as fatty. Both arrive frozen.
Pyrenean Lamb Shoulder (two shoulders): total weight +/-1.4kg (serves about four):
Non Members £65. CCUK £29.

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