Fresh Vostock Royal Oscietra Caviar at exclusive and unbeatable prices for Club Members starting at just £36 for 30g and saving up to 40%


We are delighted to now receive new fresh supplies of the celebrated Vostock Royal Oscietra Caviar for our Members. Some connoisseurs prefer Oscietra to all others for its refined taste—and Vostock Royal Oscietra is so good it is likely to become a Club favourite, particularly at the exceptional Club price which starts at just £36 for 30g including delivery and saves Members up to 44%.

Characterised by a firm golden to dark brown egg, this fine Royal Oscietra has a smooth and velvety texture along with a pleasant aroma of the sea. Its rich and complex mellow, nutty flavours truly define the original Caspian Sea caviar.

This exceptional caviar originates only from purebred, fully mature 11-12 year old acipenser gueldenstaedtii sturgeon.

Here are Club Members’ exclusive prices, including complimentary overnight UK mainland delivery.

1kg: Code RO55VC01. RRP £1,500. CCUK £837.
500g Code RO50VC01. RRP £750. CCUK £419.
250g:Code RO25VC01. RRP £375. CCUK £239.
125g: Code RO12VC01. RRP £190. CCUK £129.
50g: Code RO05VC01. RRP £85. CCUK £57.
30g: Code RO30VC01. RRP £56. CCUK £36.

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