Kings Caviar: The CountryClubuk Magnifique Caviar Collection: Beluga, Oscietra and Sevruga: three 50g tins with mother-of-pearl spoons: 150g total, and a snip at £249 delivered, saving 44%

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The Club caviar is Grade One and fresh, and includes the finest Beluga, Oscietra and Sevruga. Buy the one you most enjoy, or try the new Magnifique Caviar Collection to see which you prefer. Each has its own special qualities, and to help you decide we offer these extremely impressive caviars, Beluga, Oscietra and Sevruga. And of course you enjoy a special Members-only price, saving you 44%!

The superb Beluga caviar is from fully mature 20-year-old Beluga sturgeon, with the Latin name huso huso. The large, steely-grey eggs have a wonderful soft, creamy texture and a subtle taste with notes of walnuts and cream and hints of both the sea and finest quality salt. Its thin membrane is synonymous with only the best Beluga, and top food emporia sell this same caviar at more than twice the Club price.

It is combined with Oscietra caviar, simply one of the finest caviars available, and used by some of London’s top restaurants. It has a good-sized egg and the caviar has a wonderful golden sheen typical of Oscietra. This caviar is often chosen as the favourite in blind tastings. It is subtle to taste, with a real hint of cream to the palate, a nutty, mellow taste which develops into a buttery sweetness, similar to lobster. This is a caviar which will always impress.

And now there is also the amazing Sevruga. Often the preferred choice of caviar connoisseurs around the world due to its resemblance to wild caviar, Sevruga tastes of the sea and wakame (edible seaweed). it takes eight to nine years to produce Sevruga eggs and is perhaps the most rare because it is renowned as the most challenging to farm. This small, grey egg is packed with a delicious salty flavour that can linger longer on the palate than other caviars.

With caviar, caveat emptor was never more true. It is vital to know the source. This fine fresh caviar is supplied by Laura King MBE, whose company King’s Fine Food are suppliers to Buckingham Palace, Michelin Star chefs and the leading London fine food emporia. Some famous chefs say they will have no other caviar than King’s Oscietra. Tom Parker-Bowles names this caviar, ‘The greatest “farmed” in the world’. Chef Patron Alain Roux adds, ‘Reliability and the finest ingredients work hand in hand with producing superb results at the Waterside Inn, that’s why we choose only King’s Fine Food Caviar’.

The CountryClubuk Magnifique Caviar Collection includes a 50g tin of fresh Beluga, a 50g tin of fresh Oscietra and a 50g tin of fresh Sevruga caviars, totalling a full 150g, with two mother-of-pearl spoons, and includes next-day delivery to your door. It makes an inspired and welcome gift—and at this amazingly advantageous Club price it’s a great time to try!

Code MC50KG01. Non Members £450 or more. CCUK £249 including UK mainland delivery.

If you wish your collection to include different weights or combinations, please call Member Services on 020 7399 2960.
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