Superb fresh Royal Caviar Connoisseur Collection: Beluga Royal, Oscietra Royal and Tradition Royal: 150g total including three mother-of-pearl spoons: sold out


We are sorry but this Calvisius Caviar Masters’ collection is now sold out. Individual caviars are still available: please see separate entries in the Club shop.

The Club’s fresh Royal Caviar from Italy is top grade. Order the one you most enjoy or try an exclusive Royal Selection from the Calvisius Caviar Masters to see which you and your guests prefer. Your selection includes 50g of each of the following, totalling 150g:

Calvisius Beluga Royal: Beluga Caviar is legendary—and we are delighted to again offer Members this superb Beluga Royal Caviar from the world renowned Italian specialist caviar masters, Calvisius. The quality of their Beluga is superb. It is defined by large eggs (more than 3mm), oval shape and colour tones of pearl to dark grey, together with a wonderful silky, creamy texture and a subtle Beluga taste with a hint of walnut, hazelnut and butter. Its thin membrane is synonymous with only the best caviar.

Ars Italica by Calvisius Oscietra Royal This fresh Oscietra Royal caviar is a refined caviar with a superb flavour and texture and is one of our Members’ favourite caviars. Some connoisseurs prefer this, the finest oscietra, to all others for taste. This Royal Oscietra Caviar is sublime. It comes from the Caspian Sea sturgeon acipenser gueldenstadtii, now ethically farmed for Italy’s Ars Italica by Calvisius. It is renowned for its excellent egg quality and flavour, taking approximately 10 to 11 years to harvest. The medium-sized grain (2.9mm to 3.2mm) has a velvety, firm texture with that beautiful caviar ‘pop’ when rolled across the roof of your mouth.. The flavour is complex and persistent, with notes of hazelnut, butter and sea urchin together with a mellow length which lingers beautifully on the palate.

Calvisius Tradtion Royal receives top rating from caviar connoisseurs. With its large, sometimes 3mm to 3.2mm, dark grey to black eggs with amber tones, the caviar is fine and particularly well flavoured. It has even outdone wild caviar in a blind tasting: two chefs and a food writer put Calvisius Tradition Royal top out of nine caviars, with wild Kazakhstan Beluga and Oscietra caviars respectively second and fourth. Calvisius Tradition Royal caviar originates from the white sturgeon (acipenser transmontanus), reared in northern Italy in the world’s largest sustainable caviar farm.

All three are ‘malossol’, which means ‘with little salt’, making this caviar excellent for health and for the palates of connoisseurs.

Most agree that caviar is best enjoyed on thin, dry toast with a light layer of unsalted butter, accompanied by dry Champagne. It is best stored and served chilled, between -2°C and -4°C but never frozen. After purchase, unopened tins may be kept in a domestic refrigerator for several weeks; once opened, it must be consumed within hours.

The CountryClubuk Calvisius Caviar Masters Royal Collection includes three 50g tins of fresh Beluga, Oscietra Royal and Calvisius Tradition Royal with three mother-of-pearl spoons, and costs only £169 including next-day delivery. It makes a valuable, discerning gift—the value is at least £560.

RRP £560. CCUK Members £169. Free UK mainland delivery.

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