Finest fresh Beluga Royal Caviar from Calvisius of Italy—the ultimate Acipenser huso huso caviar for your gourmet feast: 50g, CountryClubuk Members save 55%: sold out


We are sorry that this weight of Beluga caviar is now sold out. The 30g tins are currently still available: please see separate entry in the Club shop.

Beluga Caviar is legendary—and we are delighted to again offer Members this superb Beluga Royal Caviar from the world renowned Italian specialist caviar masters, Calvisius. The quality of their Beluga is superb.

It is defined by large eggs (more than 3mm), oval shape and colour tones of pearl to dark grey, together with a wonderful silky, creamy texture and a subtle Beluga taste with a hint of walnut, hazelnut and butter. Its thin membrane is synonymous with only the best caviar.

Connoisseurs will further appreciate Calvisius Beluga Royal because it is processed in the traditional method called ‘malossol’, meaning ‘low salt’, so that nothing gets in the way of the natural depth of that fine Beluga taste. Indeed, it is a caviar to enjoy by itself, paired only with Brut Champagne, to truly appreciate and savour that quality and finesse.

Genuine Beluga comes only from huso huso sturgeon, the largest of the Caspian Sea sturgeon, farmed in Italy in the most natural and sustainable way. These mighty fish mature later than other sturgeon—they grow to 26ft long and weighing more than 1.5 tons, which takes 20 years (lesser sturgeon can mature at eight years). Hence the exceptional size, flavour and price of the Beluga egg.

So if you love Beluga caviar, or if you are planning a special occasion, try it now at these exceptional Club prices, or give the ultimate distinctive gift to your favourite caviar lover.

RRP £250 plus delivery from Italy. CCUK Members £113 including UK mainland delivery. Save 55%.

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