Gourmet Whole Cheeses: Truffled Brie and Calvados Camembert, a snip at £49: currently unavailable


We apologise, but the Calvados Camembert is no longer supplied, and is replaced by a delicious whole truffled Brillat Savarin. We have managed to keep the same price. Please see separate entry on the web shop to order the Brie with Brillat-Savarin.

A whole Truffled Brie Cheese on the table creates an exceptional end to a special meal. It tastes simply wonderful, the truffles and cheese a heavenly combination. And this whole Brie is a really exceptional cheese that is in a league of its own. The whole Brie de Nagis is produced in the Ile-de-France, the home of French Brie, and in style and flavour similar to Brie de Meaux. The truffle sandwiched inside is made from Périgord winter truffles, which have the strongest nose and flavour of all the black truffles. The truffles bring out the earthy, mushroom-like qualities of the Brie, while the Brie rounds the flavour of the truffle into a massively aromatic depth.

It is absolutely delicious and will arrive perfectly ripe and ready to eat. The second cheese is Camembert au Calvados, a speciality of Normandy. Unpasteurised, this soft white cheese has a delicious twist—the rind is soaked in Calvados and the cheese is finished in fresh crumbs and chopped walnuts. The texture is creamy and the cheese has a ripe apple aroma which is superb. The taste is deliciously fruity, with an apple brandy sweetness.

These two great cheeses arrive together, perfectly ripe, ready to eat. They make an excellent gift.
Truffled Brie: weight about 1.4kg. Calvados Camembert: 250g.
Both cheeses: RRP £90. CCUK £49. 2 cheeses, weight 1.65kg

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