Feast your eyes on a ‘Mother Tin’ of some half a kilo of supreme quality Royal Oscietra Caviar: The most impressive, the freshest and the finest way to serve Caviar to your Guests: currently unavailable


It’s enough to make a caviar lover swoon: an original ‘mother tin’ of half a kilo of the finest Royal Oscietra! And it is more than just the most impressive centrepiece for your party, the reason for desiring a ‘mother tin’ is that it has remained unopened since its production. This is its original tin. As such it provides caviar of unique freshness and unsurpassed quality. And when it is filled with the most glorious Royal Oscietra Caviar by Ars Italica, well, for a caviar lover it simply doesn’t get any better.
The ‘mother tin’ has been the traditional packaging of the black gold that is fresh caviar for decades. Upon extraction and salting, the caviar is matured in these original tins, sealed with rubber.
We are therefore delighted now to be able to present a ‘mother tin’ of the superlative quality Ars Italica Royal Oscietra which we source directly from Italy via one of the oldest, most reputable caviar suppliers in the world. This finest fresh Royal Oscietra is from the purebred Russian sturgeon Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii, a species originally native to the Caspian Sea, Black Sea and Azov Sea. Considered one of the more notable caviars in the world, its delightful flavour and creamy texture will seduce you!
Only the largest roe are selected, the eggs medium to large at 2.9mm to 3.2mm, their colour brown to dark brown with warm amber tones. Velvety and firm in texture, the flavour is complex and nutty with hints of hazelnut and butter. It is also ‘malossol’ which means ‘low salt’ in Russian, and distinguishes a product prepared with the best roe, both delicate and complex, but also characterised by a shorter shelf life—in this case, 90 days—so we order for you especially for the date required.
The weight of caviar in the mother tin is some 500g, giving a generous serving for 10-16 guests—many more if you serve as canapés. It is simply glorious paired with a good dry Champagne.
Royal Oscietra Caviar Mother Tin by Ars Italica, 500g: RRP £1,533. CCUK £469 including overnight delivery.

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