Whole Brie Cheese with Perigord Black Truffles: Cheese Heaven, only £39 delivered: on back order


A whole Truffled Brie is an exceptional finale to a meal and a super lunch. It tastes wonderful, the truffles and cheese a heavenly combination. The Brie de Nagis from Ile-de-France is similar to Brie de Meaux in style and flavour. Sandwiched within are Périgord winter truffles, which have the strongest nose and flavour of all black truf­fles. Together they create a deliciously aromatic depth.

Creamy, mushroom with that distinctive Brie tang offset by earthy pungent truffle, all wrapped up in a lovely velvet white crust. Made to traditional methods by these famous French cheese experts, this is a cheese to swoon over.

Perfectly ripe, ready to eat, it keeps well and makes an excellent gift. Weight +/- 1.4kg.

Non Members £70-plus. CCUK £39. Free UK delivery.

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