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For unbeatable, intensely-flavoured, juicy, tender steak, look no further! Wagyu is of course the finest steak in the world—but this is not only Wagyu, it is Purebred Wagyu from 93.75% pure Japanese Wagyu bloodlines. They produce the intensely marbled, tender, flavour-rich beef renowned worldwide—and now our Members can enjoy it, delivered to your door. Our specialist Wagyu producers offer every cut from fillet steak to rib-eye to burgers, all of supreme quality, dry aged for a minimum of 30 days. And we have chosen two steak cuts for starters—the supreme fillet and, here, what is known as ‘heart of chuck’—you might think that chuck steak is only a slow-cooking braising steak but in this Wagyu it’s a quick frying steak with a flavour and texture not unlike sirloin—but one-third of the price! It seems to us a steal!

These cattle are raised to the sound of music on a mountain estate in Spain, a herd of purebred Japanese Wagyu cattle eat the best herbs and grasses, drink organic wine, sleep on biodegradable beds and graze sunlit pastures, happy and stress-free. This is the life! And, after the all-important bloodlines, it’s this environment, food and drink which create the marvellous fine-grain texture, juiciness and beefy flavour—fine strips of delicious fat are found even within its lean meat (that all-important flavourful ‘marbling’). The result is exquisite, with a buttery, tender texture which melts in the mouth.

More marbling means a more tender, creamier texture, and this is what Wagyu connoisseurs highly prize, so the higher the BMS (Beef Marbling Score), the more expensive the beef. Our new Purebred Wagyu is classified at an average Japanese BMS of 5-6—a marbling grade described as ‘Very Abundant’ and ‘Beyond Prime’. It is richer and denser premium steak with significantly more of that gorgeous webbing of fat than other steak (including that of part-bred Wagyu cross beef), and a creamier mouth-feel in each bite. Buttery without being overwhelmingly opulent, it is the perfect steak.

These famous Wagyu cattle date back to the 8th century in Japan, where they are considered a national treasure for their genetic capacity to store intramuscular fats rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 and its unique organoleptic characteristics. This is all excellent for human health—better by far than other beef breeds—as well as creating beef of that celebrated tenderness, juiciness and flavour. To achieve this these cattle are farmed in as natural an environment as possible by the herd’s founder, Patxi Garmendia, who 15 years ago embarked on the task of importing pure stallions and embryos, achieving, after great effort, their own genetics based on animals from the most pure Wagyu lines to build the Wagyu herd of Santa Rosalía. The aim is for them to live without stress—hence the calming music, the mattresses, the wine, and the way they have personal herdsmen, nutritionists and vets taking care of them at every stage of their lives. And then of course there is the excellent butchery, and the dry ageing of a minimum of 30 days. No detail is overlooked in producing this exquisite meat.

This Wagyu is served in top Michelin Star restaurants around the world—and the Club Tasting Panel are so impressed—their notes included, ‘Exceptional depth of flavour’, ‘Incomparable tenderness’, ‘The best I have eaten!’. They commend this beef unreservedly to our Members. It is also easy to cook—bring from the fridge and allow an hour or more to reach room temperature, pat dry, fry without oil to less than the rarity you require—it will caramelise evenly to golden copper tones—then allow to rest for 10 minutes or more. It needs only salt and pepper, and to be cooked as rare as possible to experience at its best! All the steaks and burgers arrive fresh in individual packs, so you can eat some and freeze the rest for later.

Six x 275g Purebred Wagyu Heart of Chuck Steaks, BMS 5.6, plus 6 x 150g Purebred Wagyu Burgers total 2.55kg.

Non Members £174. CCUK £117 including free UK mainland delivery.

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