The Ultimate Roast Beef Joint, Purebred Wagyu Ribeye BMS 7-8: Rich, Tender, Succulent, Your All-Time Gourmet Feast: currently unavailable


What a fabulous centrepiece for your table—one your family and guests will never forget—a purebred Wagyu ribeye joint with a high marbling score of 7-8, richly-flavoured, juicy and so tender. Wagyu is of course the finest beef in the world—but this is not only Wagyu, it is Purebred Wagyu from 93.75% pure Japanese bloodlines, as supplied to Michelin Star chefs across the world. These cattle produce the marbled, melt-in-the-mouth, flavour-rich beef that is so sought after, and so expensive—but of course our Members enjoy it at an advantageous price.

Our specialist Wagyu producers, Santa Rosalia, go to extraordinary lengths to make sure their purebred Wagyu cattle produce some of the world’s finest beef. They are Spain’s oldest Wagyu producers. Each animal has over 100 square meters of pasture in which to roam, much of the feed comes from the bi-product of the estate’s organic winery, and the cattle lie down on biodegradable beds—what happy lives they lead!

This Wagyu Ribeye Joint is the most popular of the large joints, a supreme roast to savour Wagyu to the full. It has a Beef Marbling Score (BMS) of 7-8—a high score which adds greatly to the value, since lower scores are much cheaper—and it is dry aged for at least 45 days to further increase its tenderness and special flavour. The Club Tasting Panel are so impressed with this ribeye they commend it unreservedly to our Members. A 2.1kg Ribeye Joint, bone in as pictured above, BMS 7-8, serves 6/8. For different weights, and for boned joints, please call Member Services on 020 7399 2960.

Non Members £300. CCUK £199. Free UK mainland delivery.

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