Finest Welsh Wagyu Sirloin Steak: Great Taste Awards Two Gold Star Winner: Four x 10oz Steaks, exclusive Members’ price

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The Welsh Wagyu Beef Sirloin Steak from Rick Stein Superheroes Jeannie and Rachel at Alernative Meats is exceptional: winning Two Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards, it’s a Members’ long-time favourite—and as Jeannie and Rachel say, ‘This is no ordinary steak!’
The Great Taste Judges had this to say: ‘This is a beautiful steak, well marbled and cutting very well. And the taste absolutely lives up to the promise of the look and the smell. It is full flavoured, with an intense rich layered beefiness and excellent texture. We found the outside was beautifully caramelised and the fat was meltingly tender and delicious, with a lingering rich satisfying meaty mouth-feel.’
Our Members have long recognised the quality. With 30 years of cattle management under his belt, Ifor Humphreys from Montgomeryshire has just the right knowledge and experience to raise his Japanese Wagyu cross cattle on the family farm. Following the regime practiced in Japan {which produces the famous Kobe Beef} but with a lovely Welsh twist to the tale, Ifor feeds his cattle on four pints of beer a day from the local Monty’s Brewery, accompanied by an occasional massage—many would envy the lifestyle!
This sirloin has been well trimmed so that there is no waste. The minimum amount of cooking is necessary for this marbled steak—on a hot griddle or in a heavy based pan.
Four Welsh Wagyu Sirloin Steaks, 285g (10oz) per steak. RRP £122.50. CCUK £79.

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