Delicious, succulent Welsh Wagyu Fillet Joint to serve whole or slice as steaks to your own preferred thickness: 500g joint


If you want to savour the delicious flavours and textures of the ultimate fillet steak, the steak served by Michelin-star chefs at £100 a time, this is it: the Welsh Wagyu fillet steak from full-blood sires, fork-tender, succulent, flavoursome—and as this steak is a whole piece you can savour the full richness and the almost buttery texture.

To give your family and friends an amazing treat, try a fillet joint. Having a joint means you can serve it in many ways: as a sublime whole roast, or an equally wonderful Beef Wellington. Or you can slice into steaks to the thickness you require, and serve from two to four guests, depending on the dish.

It means you can if you wish cut thick steaks and thin steaks at the same time, to the preferences of your guests.
Whichever way, the result is fabulous.

Welsh Wagyu Fillet Joint, weight 500g. Code WF50AM01. RRP £75. CCUK £59 including UK mainland delivery.

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