Line caught sea bass, two, fresh, in a delectable new gourmet seafood collection with wild langoustines: Members can enjoy with Chefs’ prices! Currently unavailable

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Great news—wild sea bass are back to strength after four years on the Endangered List. Their quality is simply amazing. The top chefs are snapping them up the instant they arrive with our suppliers from the South Coast bass fishers—and we are there in the queue, too, ready for them to be line caught, landed, and delivered to your door, still sea-fresh, sweet and filled with flavour. You also receive the chefs’ wholesale price.
Known as the king of the sea, wild sea bass has the finest delicate flavour and deliciously firm, flaky flesh. As well as that juicy texture, part of the appeal of fresh wild sea bass is its attractive silver skin, which cooks beautifully, and is so striking a centrepiece for the table—a whole sea bass is a wonderful thing—and the quality of these wild fish is so high you can even serve as carpaccio. Banish from your mind the farmed bass, usually from Greece; it might almost be a different species.
Our suppliers hold HM The Queen’s Royal Warrant, which means they uphold the highest standards, not only of produce but of ethics, and they have been strict in de-listing wild sea bass while any dangers of extinction might persist. We can now be confident that we are eating the finest wild fish, without threat to stocks.
Now is also the time for wild langoustines, fresh from the North-East Atlantic and considered the new marker of haute cuisine. Slim, pinkish-orange, this shrimpy-looking crustacean is from the lobster family. Top chefs are extolling them as having a more complex and delicate taste than lobster—and indeed ours have a fine flavour that is both sweet and elegant. They are simple to cook, and as a first course before the sea bass, sublime.
Our new Wild Gourmet Seafood Collection comprises Two Wild Fresh Sea Bass, each 1-1.5kg in weight (either whole fish, or scaled and gutted, or filleted, your choice), and 1kg Wild Whole Langoustines (16-18 around 10cm). Serves six to eight, depending on accompaniments and appetites!
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