Welcome to your new CountryClubuk eNews: Inside this issue: Top Six UK Hotels: Rugby at Twickenham: Jewellery from Hatton Garden: Gourmet Food and Wine: Sporting Kit: Hunter Boots: Limited Edition Bronzes: All at exclusive Club prices!

Dear Member, Welcome to your new Club eNews: An exceptional 7 carat star sapphire and diamond ring has arrived from Hatton Garden—and you save £6,400! Don’t miss the England v Ireland rugby international at Twickenham: See the Top Six UK hotel destinations this week, and the Top Three overseas: Limited editions have also arrived: Delicious Ruby Taylor limited edition Château Minuty 2018 rosé and Michael Simpson’s beautiful new bronze wren. Which is the best fresh sushi-grade salmon, the one Michelin Star chefs prize? It’s Var Salmon, and it’s here at a mere £59 for a superb 4kg fish: Ready for the shooting season? See the new leather gunslips and cartridge bags at amazing deals, the stylish new shooting suit by Really Wild, top-class boots by Hunter—and grouse for your table: Into the garden? Our favourite 6 ton log splitter is back, ready to help create the new season’s log-pile—and there’s a delightful new butterfly bench from Chelsea Gold Medallists. There’s more, much more. Please read on!

An exceptional Blue Star Sapphire ring from Hatton Garden

A unique and magnificent star sapphire, diamond and 18ct gold ring has arrived from London’s Hatton Garden. It features a stunning natural blue star sapphire of seven carats displaying a shimmering natural six-point star. This is a magnificent large ring showcasing one of Nature’s phenomena. It is festooned with shimmering white diamonds, crowning the star sapphire and encrusting the 18ct white gold band. Exquisitely designed and handcrafted by an international jeweller, it looks—and is—rare and valuable.
The quality of a star sapphire depends on many elements, including the star’s orientation and the cabochon’s symmetry, proportions and finish. And this natural Ceylon star sapphire has it all: wonderful symmetry and quality, the blue of the sapphire perfect to display the bright rays of the star. It has all the qualities the world’s gemologists seek: the star’s rays are uniform in strength, they reach from one side to the other, and they intersect at the top of the stone. They are straight, not fuzzy or broken, and contrast strongly against the beautiful blue of the sapphire. This star also has elegant ‘movement’, in that, as you rock the stone, the brilliant star moves smoothly across the surface. We are thrilled to have this unique and exquisite ring for our Members—particularly as the gemstone for September is the sapphire.
The scientific term for the science of a star sapphire is asterism, a natural gemological phenomenon; but the star sapphire is also filled with romance and symbolism. Known as the ‘Stone of Destiny’, it is reputed to give the wearer strength and health, and ward off illness, in addition to the sapphire’s association with devotion: sapphire is thought to bring peace and contentment, as well as constancy and true love.
Whatever the meanings of the stone, this ring is a beautiful, natural, eye-catching piece of precious jewellery, a gorgeous addition to a woman’s jewellery collection, and one which will become a family heirloom. The gem is large enough to make a mesmerising impact, the diamonds flashing in a coronet of white fire—and suddenly that flash of the sapphire star appears, magnetising all who see it. So if you seek a show-stopping precious gem which is entirely natural and original, this may well be the one.
The blue star sapphire gemstone is 7.16 carats and the diamonds are .83 carats, F/G in colour and VS in clarity, and therefore in the top three for quality—very white and flawless to the eye. The ring measures 15mm by 13mm diameter. There is one only. Code SS19SJ18. RRP £13,000. CCUK £6,395. Order Natural Blue Star Sapphire, Diamond and 18ct Gold Ring from Hatton Garden.

England v Ireland at Twickenham

Great news: the RFU have allocated more tickets for our Members for the sold-out England v Ireland Quilter International game at Twickenham on Saturday, August 24. So all on our waiting list can snap them up now at just £63 each—and similar seats can be seen changing hands on websites for £243.
This promises to be a great contest, with a line to the form for the Rugby World Cup. We are delighted to have these great new Cat 2 tickets (in block M24, for those who know the Twickenham stadium). Please don’t delay, as these will be our very last tickets and currently you are saving £140.
England v Ireland, Quilter International, Twickenham: Saturday, August 24, 2019: Category 2. CCUK £63. Order tickets for England v Ireland at Twickenham, Saturday, August 24.

Sushi-grade Var salmon: £59 for 4kg

More good news on the sushi-grade fresh salmon front: Var Salmon is back! Unless you have a salmon fisher in the family, Var salmon will be the most delicious you have tasted in years. It is the next best thing to wild Atlantic salmon in flavour and texture, the nearest farmed salmon can ever get to wild or ‘free range’—and you can taste it.
This is salmon as it should be, the fish served by top sushi and Michelin-star chefs. Outside their august establishments Var is not easy to find—so we jumped at the chance to source it again, particularly as the Var smoked salmon we supply is an all-time favourite with Members, some of whom will now eat no other.
And because this salmon is sushi grade, you can slice the belly for sashimi and sushi if you wish, serve whole as a supreme centrepiece at your next dinner, or slice, enjoy it fresh and freeze some for later: again, it will be the best you have tried—so different to the usual farmed fish. Var salmon will make you proud to serve salmon again. And now you can also order the whole fish already filleted—two large sides of bone-free deliciousness!
Var salmon are raised by three brothers on a revolutionary farm in the clear, cold waters of the Faroe Islands, without all the usual chemicals, and with far more humane husbandry than the usual salmon farming. It has caught the eye of some of London’s leading chefs: Michel Roux Jr, Mark Hix and John Williams of The Ritz, for example, who named it ‘the best farmed salmon I have had’—and articles appeared in the Telegraph.
As a Club Member you receive an advantageous price, as well as access to these wonderful fish. A whole fish weighs at least 4kg, which easily serves about 12 guests. Orders are placed on Friday morning for delivery to your door the following Thursday.
Fresh Var salmon, whole fish, about 4kg. Code VS19WH01. RRP £93 plus delivery. CCUK £59 with free UK mainland delivery. Order fresh Var Salmon, whole, 4kg minimum weight.
Fresh Var salmon, two whole filleted sides from the whole 4kg fish, giving approximately 1.2kg per side. Code VF19WH01. RRP £93 plus delivery. CCUK £59 with free UK mainland delivery. Order fresh Var Salmon from the 4kg whole fish, expertly filleted.

Game on! Prepare to enjoy wild grouse!

The new season’s wild grouse will be arriving from the Yorkshire moors within a week—it is time to enjoy the harvest! They are likely to be available, prepared and hung, from about August 15. Our suppliers already have a waiting list of top chefs and restaurants—and of course the Club. Click for details and to order!

Limited edition M de Minuty is here!

The St Tropez rosé wines of Château Minuty are already Members’ favourites—so we are delighted to have secured a few rare cases of the new 2018 Limited Edition Ruby Taylor M de Minuty rosé, which has just arrived in the Club Cellar.
This is a special cuvée of the new 2018 vintage in a bottle designed by the acclaimed British artist: and, like Minuty rosé itself, Ruby Taylor’s design seems to sum up the spirit and sunshine of Provençe. The wine is delicious: fragrant, strawberry-scented, dry and crisp, archetypal Provençe rosé and the favourite rosé across the Côte d’Azur. Totally delicious now, you can drink up to two years after release.
This Limited Edition M de Minuty Ruby Taylor 2018 rosé sells at £18.50 a bottle in Harvey Nichols and elsewhere: but our Members have an exclusive price of only £13.25.
This will be popular. It is an original, it makes a delightful gift—and we have secured only a few cases at this exclusive Club price. Case of 12 bottles. Free UK mainland delivery. Code MM18RW04. RRP £222 plus delivery. CCUK Members £159 with free UK mainland delivery. Order 2018 Limited Edition Ruby Taylor M De Minuty Rosé, 12-bottle case.

Stunning pearl and tanzanite necklace

A shimmering river of pearls, precious tanzanite gemstones, 14ct gold, Swarovski crystals and silver creates this sophisticated and original long designer necklace. The harmonising of creamy, lustrous pearls with the blues of tanzanite gems and the flashing Swarovski crystals set with gold and silver is simply gorgeous.
Named Aphrodite for its long stream of pearls, gems, gold and silver, designed by an international jeweller, this is a necklace which is a classically beautiful piece you will wear often.
Intriguing shapes and different sizes of pearls from the South Seas contrast with that unmistakable tanzanite blue, and the effect is magical. Wear as a lovely, long single strand or as a two-strand necklace—casual or dressy, it is so effective.
The design is gorgeous and the cool colour palette of shimmering crystals, creams and blues makes this a necklace which has the beauty, style and versatility to transform every look. It is set with 14ct white gold and clasped in sterling silver. The length is 100cm (40in). This lovely long necklace arrives in a smart case for presentation and carries a full 100% moneyback guarantee.

New English Garden pure silk stoles

These stunning English Garden Silk Stoles caught our eye at the new fashion shows because they are beautiful, sophisticated, with gorgeous colours—and so versatile. Crafted from pure silk chiffon, they will add a romantic finish to your look.
The English Garden Butterfly is so elegant, its dark navy ground painted with butterflies of every jewel colour: pale citrine and gold, fuchsia and amethyst, turquoise and smoky quartz—so that it picks out the colours of so many of your outfits and jewellery, and completes your look with an extra layer of elegance. And with news of clouds of gorgeous painted lady butterflies fluttering into our summer gardens, it’s a perfect time to add a butterfly theme.
Then there is the dreamy impressionism of the sunlit English Water Garden, with waves of shimmering shades of blue highlighting a romantic palette of soft pinks and ivory.
So much larger than usual at 172cm (5ft 7in) long and 110cm (3ft 7in) wide, they drape beautifully across the shoulders, hanging gracefully as a sheer, floaty stole. Or wear bunched around the neck, long and full, or at the hips—anywhere you like! And they are perfect with this summer’s looks. You are ready for anything—nights at the opera, sun-kissed tropical islands, the golf club, gallery opening, summer lunch parties, sultry evening dinners . . .
They make a discerning gift, and can be gift-wrapped and sent with a message if you wish. Non-Members £60. CCUK £29.
English Garden Butterfly Silk Chiffon Stole. EB19CC04. Order.
English Water Garden Silk Chiffon Stole. EW19CC04. Order.

Butterfly Bench by Ascalon Design

And thinking of butterflies in the garden this summer, here is our Chelsea Gold Medallists’ romantic new Butterfly Bench to create the perfect feature for your favourite aurelian—and a charming designer focal point in the garden in this wonderful butterfly year.
Beautiful in any setting, its elegant lines in classic cream will form a picture-postcard setting wherever you place it, from a pathway to a cottage wall, beneath a tree, by a fountain, beneath an arbour or in a conservatory—this is a design feature which will draw the eye, as well as giving you a perfect place to take your ease. Site it near nectar-rich buddleia or lavender and the butterfly design will be completed by the real thing fluttering by.
It is pretty, yet also practical, and made by Ascalon Design of Herefordshire, of sturdy, hard-wearing and weather-resistant metal, cream painted. It measures 34in (84cm) high, 42in (106cm) wide and 22in (56cm) diameter. RRP £185. CCUK £139. Order Butterfly Bench in Classic Cream by Ascalon Design.

Luxurious leather Gladstone bag

A good leather bag is the kind of investment you make once and then enjoy for pretty much the rest of your life. A bag that is so smartly designed, so sturdy, so strokable and so perfect that you look forward to packing it and carrying it around.
This new Gladstone is just that kind of bag. It is a bag you will find in ‘Gentleman’s London’, made by hand using materials that are as hard-wearing as they are luxurious, with thick, rich, oiled ‘pull up’ leather creating its smart appearance and robust nature, and which will simply improve in patina with age. And once you take a closer look at all the good ideas and expert craftsmanship that have gone into it, you’ll understand why it’s such a standout.
The Gladstone bag is a symbol of Britain, a small portmanteau which made its name as the preferred bag of prime ministers, Gladstone in particular, whose own hinged luggage was made by J G Beard in Westminster.
Our new Gladstone has the classic shape and hinged frame, giving wide, easy access to a spacious main compartment. It is comfortable to carry, using either a detachable leather shoulder strap with padded grip, or the easy-grip carry handle, and there is a trolley strap on the back. It has handy exterior zipped pockets, and internal leather trimmed stationery and phone organisers. Five metal studs at the base keep it high off the ground.
It is a perfect size for everyday business and travel use at 39cm (15in) wide, 30cm (11 3/4in) high and 21cm (8 1/4in) wide.
Leather Gladstone Bag: Non-Members £235. CCUK £127. Order Luxurious Leather Gladstone Bag.

Essential kit for the new shooting season

These smart all-leather gunslips and fast-loading cartridge bag have arrived, just in time for the new shooting season. They are excellent: quality full-grain leather, multi-featured classics, essential shooting kit in a smart cognac thick tanned hide which through the Club are less than some pay for mere canvas.
Meticulously crafted in thick, full-grain Dakota Cognac leather, you will find them in some of the best sporting retailers—and for our Members they are a real El Snippo.
In the gun slips, that quality leather gives extra protection, as does the all-important reinforced block end. The fleece lining adds cushioning, absorbs moisture and is quick drying. The fittings are brass. The zip is full length for easy access and to open wide for drying, and it is heavy-duty for strength. The leather shoulder strap is wide and adjustable so it is comfortable to carry. It has a flap end closure with two buckles and a hanging loop.
You can have a single slip at only £127 including delivery, or a double slip, which separates so you can use it as a single slip or double, at £217—that is a great price for our Members.
Savoy Dakota Leather Single Gun Slip: Code SS19FL01. RRP £195 plus delivery. CCUK £127. Free UK mainland delivery. Order Leather Single Gun Slip in Cognac.
Savoy Dakota Leather Double Gun Slip: Code DS19FL01. RRP £350 plus delivery. CCUK £209. Free UK mainland delivery. Order Leather Double Gun Slip in Cognac.
The matching full-grain leather hand-stitched cartridge bag has the quick-loading hinge design which gives essential quick access when shooting. It takes 100 cartridges. It has a 2in wide webbing shoulder strap with twin buckle adjustment, which is comfortable even when filled with cartridges.
Dakota Leather Speedloader Maddox Cartridge Bag in Cognac: Code CB19FL01. RRP £130. CCUK £79. Free UK mainland delivery. Order Savoy Leather Speedloader Cartridge Bag.
¶ Click here to view all the handpicked shooting kit at your exclusive and advantageous CountryClubuk prices.

The season’s Really Wild shooting suit

This is probably the smartest kit you will find this season for a quality pure wool tweed ladies’ shooting outfit of jacket, waistcoat, breeks and skirt, with a belted over-jacket and accessories.
The soft silver, brown and sage Prince of Wales check tweed of the belted over-jacket is unusual and smart. When worn with the matching tweed jacket, waistcoat and breeks or skirt in acorn blue it looks very elegant, and each piece looks great on its own. It is designed and made in pure British wool to a tailored silhouette.
The over-jacket has a collar and lapel with notched detailing, a self fabric belt with faux tortoiseshell buckle, good-sized bellows pockets and a centre back vent, with burnt orange stab stitching details. It is lined in silky light olive for a clean drape. Centre back measurement for a size 10 is 74cm.
The rest of the suit is in a delightful acorn blue Prince of Wales tweed check in browns and blues, which work beautifully together and with the over-jacket. Again in British spun wool to a tailored silhouette, the waistcoat is ultra-elegant, with leather trim and a belt adjuster strap in the back panel which allows you to tailor the waistcoat to your shape. With its smart leather collar and leather piped jet pocket trims, it looks and feels made to measure, and again it has burnt orange stab stitching and faux tortoiseshell buttons. The dark orange silky lining gives a beautiful finish.
The breeks are extremely comfortable, again in acorn blue wool, fully lined in dark orange, and featuring useful side pockets, self-fabric belt loops and a secure fly-and-hook fastening. The cuffs are secured with velcro for comfort and easy adjustment, and the faux tortoiseshell buttons and burnt orange stab stitching add smart detailing. Inside leg measurement for a size 10 is 53cm.
When you prefer a skirt to breeks, this is a classic for shooting and co-ordinates beautifully. It is beautifully tailored in front pleat style, knee-length, with concealed side zip. Again, it is fully lined in silky dark orange to give a clean drape. The centre back measurement for a size 10 is 37.5cm.
The matching jacket is very flattering, tailored hacking jacket in style, orange melton under-collar, side pockets piped with tan Amaretta suede, and a centre back vent. This is a lovely waisted jacket to wear any time—a really elegant and versatile addition to your wardrobe. It features burnt orange stab stitching, Really Wild branded faux tortoiseshell buttons, contrasting button holes in burnt orange and a dark orange lining for a clean drape. Centre back measurement for a size 10 is 70cm.
All in UK sizes 6-16. Prices are as follows:
Over-jacket: Code OJ19RW05. RRP £395. CCUK £297. Order Really Wild Belted Over-Jacket.
Waistcoat: Code SW19RW05. RRP £245. CCUK £183. Order Really Wild Shooting Suit Waistcoat.
Breeks: Code SB19RW95. RRP £295. CCUK £219. Order Really Wild Shooting Suit Breeks.
Skirt: Code SS19RW05. RRP £195. CCUK £147. Order Really Wild single-pleat Shooting Suit Skirt.
Jacket: Code SJ19RW05. RRP £375. CCUK £279. Order Really Wild Shooting Suit Tailored Jacket.

Limited edition ‘Wren with Feather’

This newly released bronze sculpture, Wren with Feather, arrived at the Club today, and it’s delightful. Clearly nest-building, this diminutive wren in solid bronze will bring an air of the countryside into the home, perfect for a side table, mantelpiece or desk.
Sculpted by the highly regarded figurative sculptor Michael Simpson, this hot cast solid bronze sculpture is a charming gift for any lover of the garden and its birdlife. Each bronze is finished using the traditional method of patination, and comes beautifully boxed with a certificate of authenticity.
It stands 7cm (2 3/4in) tall and 9.5cm (3 3/4in) wide, weighs 125g (4 1/2 oz), and is in a limited edition of 150.
‘Wren with Feather’ by Michael Simpson: Code WF19RC10. RRP £125 plus delivery. CCUK £93 with free UK delivery. Order Wren with Feather’ limited edition bronze by Michael Simpson.

Top 3 destinations for Members booking UK country hotels this week:

1 Cliveden House: details
2 Chewton Glen: details
3 Solberge Hall: details

Top 3 destinations for Members booking UK London hotels this week:

1 Shangri-La at Shard: details
2 The Savoy: details
3 The Ritz: details

Top 6 destinations for Members booking overseas travel this week:

1 Regent Cruises: details
2 Saint James Paris: details
3 Ca’ Sagredo, Venice: details
4 Maradiva, Mauritius: details
5 XV Beacon, Boston: details
6 La Gavina, S’Agaro: details
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Excellent Rhône by Romain Duvernay: a snip at just £9
Romain Duvernay is a cracking wine at an unbelievably good price through the Club. Made from Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre grapes from 35-year-old vines, it has a palate of blackberries and forest fruits, aromas of liquorice and subtle hints of nutmeg, with soft tannins. It is a quality wine—particularly at your 12-bottle case price of £109 delivered.
The Duvernay family founded their négociant business in 1904, becoming one of the most reliable and well-known in the Rhône, supplying the best part of the base wine for famous producers, including Etienne Guigal. Based at Châteauneuf-du-Pape with his father Roland, Romain Duvernay decided a few years ago that the quality of his fruit was so good he would keep the best parcels and produce wine under his own label. It was a wise move—Romain is known as one of the finest palates of the region by his peers—and his wines bear witness to that. 
The Romain Duvernay is not only a bargain, it is delicious. It is perfect with rich meats such as lamb and roast beef, hearty stews and game—it loves the flavours of the fruit sauces, raspberry and bramble, which go so well with gamebirds and venison, and it is perfect with strong cheeses, making it a full dinner wine. Drinking well now, it will continue to improve for five years. 
Our Tasting Panel are impressed by the quality and extraordinarily good price through the Club, highly commending this 2017 vintage to our Members. Case of 12 bottles. Code RD17RW04. Non-Members £154. CCUK £109. Free UK mainland delivery. Order 12-bottle case Romain Duvernay Côtes-du-Rhône 2017. 

Members’ favourite chinos are here in great new colours

Just arrived for the new season: Members’ favourite tailored chinos by the English specialist trouser tailors Gurteen in more than a dozen well-chosen autumn-winter colours, from classics to anything-but-boring.
Well-constructed chinos are now the go-to trousers for leisure when flannels seem too formal and jeans too casual. They are the perfect trousers to relax in, even to wear with a smart blazer, so long as they are good—and these tailored cotton autumn-winter weight chinos are ideal. They are a firm favourite with our Members—and they have just arrived in the new season’s classic navy, charcoal, taupe and bottle green as well as putty, bracken, cranberry, wine, cobalt, petrel, tobacco and conker brown. We love them!
Stylish and traditionally cut, they are from Gurteen’s Premium Sovereign range, built to last and to make you look good and feel comfortable at the same time. They are smart—with a flat front, super-crease legs, belt loops, and matching canvas belt (the correct belt to wear with chinos)—and well made, the fabric pigment washed to resist fading, the outer seams reinforced. And for even more comfort the waistband has a slight stretch (hence the 2% Lycra added to the pure cotton). The two back pockets are buttoned and the two hip pockets have room for anything from your mobile phone to an engrossing paperback.
Sizes: waist 32in-50in, inside leg 29 1/2in, 31in and 33in. Cotton 98%, Lycra 2%. Machine washable.
RRP £80 plus delivery. CCUK £57. Free UK mainland delivery. Order Longford Autumn-Winter Chinos by English Tailors Gurteen.
Hunter Boots: the favourite neoprene 3mm, now for ladies as well as the men
Hunter Balmoral Adjustable 3mm Neoprene-lined boots are handcrafted high-performers—waterproof, comfortable enough for walking 10 miles through the heather, warm enough for standing long hours at a peg, with fantastic grip. And now they are available for the ladies, as well as men, and again at the Club’s exclusive preferential price.
The neoprene lining is the secret weapon here, making this boot an easy-going front-runner for both warmth and comfort in the field. It also comes with a 3mm and 5mm neoprene insole, so you can tailor the fit to suit yourself, and minimise fatigue. Adjustable gussets and buckles adjust the fit for the leg.
For the ladies, they come in two colours, the new navy/peppercorn (pictured above), or the classic dark olive (below left) in sizes 3-9. The men’s boot comes in dark olive (below right) or black, and in UK sizes from 6-14.
Hunter Women’s Balmoral Side Adjustable 3mm Neoprene Wellington Boots. Code WN19HB02. RRP £150 plus delivery. CCUK £109. Free UK mainland delivery. Order Women’s Hunter Balmoral 3mm Neoprene Boots.

Members’ favourite classic short raincoat at a mere £67

Probably the most versatile modern short raincoat you will ever have—and happily back in fashion for Spring along with the whole practical dressing trend. They’re not just for rainy days, the mac is back—and this is Members’ favourite, the smart, stylish Lanesborough.

This is the all-time easy-going raincoat to wear anywhere from town to country, off-duty chic with jeans or town-based style over a suit or smart trousers. Pictured here in sand and olive, it also comes in stylish navy and eye-popping red.

Style details include covered button placket, cuff and collar straps, silky lining and double shoulder cape. The water-resistant fabric has a velvety feel which is so comfortable. Modern, timeless, it will become your own favourite coat! Sizes 10-20. 
Lanesborough Raincoat. RRP £100. CCUK £67. Free UK mainland delivery. Order classic short Lanesborough Raincoat.
The ultimate English-made Gamebird shooting stick
It goes without saying that shooting sticks must be light yet robust, but many are now imported and their inferior metal are either too heavy or snap under weight. Our Members’ favourite shooting sticks are the Rolls-Royce of the genre, having been made in England by Gamebird since 1952.
The Gamebird Cheltenham shooting stick is smart, comfortable, fully adjustable and light yet substantial. This one has highly polished fittings and handles covered in pigskin, a tan pigskin padded seat, and bronze anodised adjustable stem giving five different height positions for walking, from 29in to 37in (74-94cm) and for sitting, from 25in to 29in (64cm to 74cm). Seat is 11in by 3.5in.
Code SS02BJ01. RRP £125 plus delivery. CCUK £89 with free UK mainland delivery. Order Gamebird adjustable seat stick with pigskin covered handles.
Members’ favourite log splitter is back in town!
Good news; Members’ favourite mechanical log splitter is back, revitalised, and ready for the season. No more back-breaking, time-consuming, dangerous log chopping with an axe or chainsaw—this machine transforms this winter-long chore into a safe, quick, easy and automatic operation.
When our experts reviewed the options for our Members they chose this high-quality workhorse, the Handy 2200w 6 Ton Horizontal Electric Log Splitter THLS-6G. It became an immediate hit with Members—it is ideal for anybody with open fires or wood-burning stoves. So we are pleased to get our hands on this great machine once again—and now it is even more powerful, it has a new safety guard and it does not need a separate stand—so it is in fact even better than before.
Not only simple, safe and quiet to operate, the Handy chops an incredible 100 logs an hour of up to 52cm (over 20in) long and 25cm (over 10in) in diameter. It accepts green and hardwood logs, which means you can prepare, dry out and store logs at any time of year. Even seasoned hardwoods and gnarly, knotty wood types don’t stand a chance.
The Handy is built from maintenance-free steel, incorporates a self-lubricating hydraulic ram with an automatic return, and is designed for safe two-handed operation. It has large wheels for easy transportation, is mains operated, and supplied with a 3-metre power cable. Size 116×42.5x61cm. Weight 59kg. One-year guarantee. Free next-day delivery (UK mainland).
Handy 6-Ton Horizontal Log Splitter with Guard. Code LS19HG18. RRP £270 plus delivery. CCUK £227. Order Handy 6-Ton Horizontal Log Splitter with Guard.
Taylor of Old Bond Street luxurious shaving creams
We are delighted to be able to offer Members the fine shaving products made by Taylor of Old Bond Street, established in 1854. Generations of gentlemen have used these luxurious gentlemen’s grooming products and they have become our Members favourites over many years. If you already use Taylor’s, you will appreciate these exclusive Club prices. If you have never tried them, this is an excellent time to do so.
For starters, we suggest a selection of three luxuriously smooth Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Creams in 150g bowls, pure and delicately fragranced, and including the famous Sandalwood (the all-time gentleman’s favourite), the distinguished Eton College, Saint James and Mr Taylor’s, and Rose, Lavender, Almond, Avocado, Lemon & Lime, Cedarwood, Grapefruit and Peppermint. Select three of the same fragrance, or a mixture of fragrances, just as you wish.
Code RRP £35 plus delivery. CCUK £25. Free UK mainland delivery. Order Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving creams, three bowls.