Members’ favourite Handy 6-Ton Horizontal Log Splitter with Guard: essential kit, only £227

£270.00 £227.00

Good news; Members’ favourite mechanical log splitter is back, revitalised, and ready for the season. No more back-breaking, time-consuming, dangerous log chopping with an axe or chainsaw—this machine transforms this winter-long chore into a safe, quick, easy and automatic operation.
When our experts reviewed the options for our Members they chose this high-quality workhorse, the Handy 2200w 6 Ton Horizontal Electric Log Splitter THLS-6G. It became an immediate hit with Members—it is ideal for anybody with open fires or wood-burning stoves. So we are pleased to get our hands on this great machine once again—and now it is even more powerful, it has a new safety guard and it does not need a separate stand—so it is in fact even better than before.
Not only simple, safe and quiet to operate, the Handy chops an incredible 100 logs an hour of up to 52cm (over 20in) long and 25cm (over 10in) in diameter. It accepts green and hardwood logs, which means you can prepare, dry out and store logs at any time of year. Even seasoned hardwoods and gnarly, knotty wood types don’t stand a chance.
The Handy is built from maintenance-free steel, incorporates a self-lubricating hydraulic ram with an automatic return, and is designed for safe two-handed operation. It has large wheels for easy transportation, is mains operated, and supplied with a 3-metre power cable. Size 116×42.5x61cm. Weight 59kg. One-year guarantee. Free next-day delivery (UK mainland).
Handy 6-Ton Horizontal Log Splitter with Guard. Code. RRP £270 plus delivery. CCUK £227. Order Handy 6-Ton Horizontal Log Splitter with Guard.
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