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Francis Fulford reviews The Savoy, London, where our Members receive the very best deals on accommodation.

The Savoy would surely figure in anybody’s list of ‘Great Hotels of the World’, not only because of the attention to detail for which it has always been famous (it makes its own beds, for instance), or for its position overlooking the River Thames, or indeed for its history and romantic past. Even beyond these things it is a Great Hotel of the World simply because it is, and has always been, very good at doing what an hotel should be good at doing—giving its guests a superlative service.

Some years ago the hotel closed for total renovation, and it reopened in October 2010 having had a mind-boggling £220 million spent on it. Hotels such as The Savoy are, to my mind, like stately homes: the difference being that with hotels you can walk in any time and enjoy the sumptuous interior decoration, which at The Savoy varies between ‘Art Deco’ and ‘Edwardian Baroque’, while enjoying the River restaurant or sipping cocktails in the American Bar.

The other big difference between hotels and stately homes is, frankly, the food is infinitely better at a good hotel and, they don’t charge you an entrance fee to wander around gawping at the marble columns, glittering chandeliers or fantastic ceilings.

So why don’t we all visit hotels more often, especially those such as The Savoy, which is simply steeped in history and romance? I suppose it has something to do with the fact that we wonder how much the treat will be likely to cost us, and we assume it will be more than we intended to spend. Or perhaps we feel that we are over-indulging in these straitened times.

Well, to hell with that. We at CountryClubuk have made arrangements with the management of The Savoy for you to enjoy the full ambience of this marvellous hotel at a very advantageous price, while indulging in the culinary delights of the famous River Restaurant, the preferred restaurant of Fleet Street barons whose status could be judged by how near to the windows they were seated, and now the domain of Gordon Ramsay, who has reigned over the Savoy Grill for several years.

The Savoy was originally built with the profits made by its founder, Richard D’Oyle Carte, from Gilbert and Sullivan shows, and the hotel has always been a favourite among actors and actresses, not least because of its convenient location near so many theatres in the West End. So why not consider taking in a matinee performance at one such theatre after your meal?

If you do, I counsel you not to over-imbibe too liberally over lunch, as otherwise you will undoubtedly fall asleep during the performance. But then, what more delightful way to have a snooze could there be than in the comfortable seat of a theatre after enjoying a delicious lunch at The Savoy?

Our Members can stay at The Savoy at advantageous and exclusive CountryClubuk rates for rooms and suites, and enjoy a complimentary room upgrade (if available on arrival), a complimentary bottle of wine and complimentary access to the Health Club.

Our Club Members have exclusive secret rates, which means they can save a cool £500 or more per night on rooms starting with the entry level Superior Queen and Deluxe King. All include a complimentary bottle of wine and complimentary room upgrade if available on arrival.

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