Finest Welsh Wagyu (Kobe) Fillet Steak: Club Members save up to £52: free delivery


Serve Kobe (Wagyu) fillet steak and your stock as a chef will soar. No self-respecting gourmet guest can fail to have registered that Kobe is the best beef steak in the world—not dissimilar to foie gras. It graces the plates of top restaurants Nobu and Zuma at exorbitant prices, and Selfridges in London included a small slice in a sandwich—selling at £85.

To bring us back down to earth we have arranged a super new deal on the best fillet steak from this sublime steak with Rick Stein Food Heroes, Jeanette and Rachel at Alternative Meats in Shropshire. Members can buy four gourmet Kobe (Wagyu) fillet steaks, aged to perfection, for less than the price of that Selfridge’s sandwich.

Kobe beef is from Wagyu cattle, a unique breed originating in Kobe, Japan, now raised by Ifor Williams free-range on the Welsh hills on a diet of Welsh beer, Welsh grass and racehorse rations, together with the requisite massage which all self-respecting Wagyu cattle require. Whatever else that diet and health routine does for them, their natural muscle is densely marbled with the finest veins of fat. This, like foie gras, is quite unlike normal steak; the fat starts to melt at room temperature, and it tastes so much better. The meat is wonderfully flavoured, can be finely sliced, cooks rapidly, never goes dry, and has a melting texture: rub a little fat between your fingers, it melts like butter. We are confident that you will find this Welsh Wagyu steak tastes better than any steak you will ever eat. They arrive beautifully packaged, chilled not frozen.

Order as many, or as few, of these Kobe (Wagyu) Fillet Steaks as you like. Each weighs 170g (6oz), the usual size for a fillet steak, and has a high marble score, and Members enjoy not only the finest steaks but exclusive savings.

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