Rougié Grand Chef Foie Gras: best price for Rougie’s highest quality thick foie gras slices, specially designed to meet haute cuisine requirements for sublime, instant pan-fried Duck Foie Gras: flash-frozen, 12 slices 60/80g, trimmed: currently unavailable

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Foie gras is one of the most sublime foods in the world, and we are delighted to have delicious supplies from the leading Strasbourg producer Rougié, which make serving the finest pan-fried foie gras incredibly quick and easy. This is the Rougie ‘Grand Chef’, the highest quality of foie gras slices, specially designed to meet haute cuisine requirements. It provides 12 thick, hand sliced and trimmed foie gras slices (each 60/80g), ready for immediate pan-frying.

It is created for the haute cuisine chef—even two-Michelin-star chefs use this foie gras. The Rougié chefs have expertly prepared high-quality foie gras lobes which are then hand-sliced into perfect portions, and trimmed, then flash fried. The foie gras retains its structure as well as its fresh taste, so it reduces very little in the cooking.

Simply pan-fry in a medium-hot pan (no fat needed) and you have perfect seared foie gras: this is instant gourmet cuisine at its most sublime.

Each thick slice is enough for a generous main course, and you can re-seal and store the rest in the freezer. It arrives in a frozen 1kg pack of 12 portions of 60/80g each.

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