Delicious French duck confit by Rougie: instant gourmet lunch or dinner: 12 delicious large duck legs, Members save over £35


Here’s Members’ favourite Gourmet Duck Confit, direct from the famous Rougie of France, specialist duckand foie gras producers. It contains the sublime confit, which is one of France’s finest gifts to world cuisine.

Meltingly tender, supremely tasty, and so quick to cook that it makes an instant gourmet lunch or dinner main course. Duck confit is great year-round—perfect when you don’t want to spend long hours in the kitchen. The confit reveal all their flavour if grilled in the oven until their skins become browned and crisp, then served with French fries and salad (a classic). Other great duck confit combinations include pear salad, poached eggs and rocket, or roasted beets with toasted hazelnuts.

Traditionally a method of preservation, confit duck legs sit happily in their pure duck fat suspension, just getting better and better for a year or so. And you don’t have to feel guilty about buying them. Even the French only rarely cook confit themselves—they buy it from a specialist maker, and so do we, direct from Rougie in France via our London shipper. It really is not practical to make from scratch at home, especially in small quantities, no matter what the celebrity chefs might say.

Rougie Gourmet Duck Confit, 12 large legs (serves 12 people), total weight approx 3kg.

Non Members £79. CCUK £47. Save over £30. Includes free UK mainland delivery.

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