Delicious Seafood Platter for a party for 10, with wild prawns, scallops on the half shell, langoustines and two sides of salmon, hot smoked and cold smoked, all as served by the Michelin Star chefs!


Here’s the ultimate Seafood Platter for a party. These are the sea-fresh fish and shellfish as delivered to Michelin Star chefs, available by special arrangement to our Members. You will enjoy delicacies including fresh scallops on the half shell, irresistible Var smoked salmon, two sides, one hot smoked, the other cold smoked and sliced, and both the best smoked salmon you will ever taste. Then there’s delicious large wild Argentinian scarlet prawns, full of flavour, plus langoustines.</p>
</p>All are superb quality, fresh for delivery next week to make your next party magnificent. The scallops, prawns and langoustines are easy to cook on a barbecue or in the kitchen, the hot smoked salmon is ready to slice and serve and the cold smoked salmon is long sliced.
The CountryClubuk Seafood Platter serves 10 generously with some left over to freeze. Includes: 5 live native lobsters for you to cook and halve (minimum 450g per lobster; 1 side Var smoked salmon (minimum 1kg), long sliced; 1 side hot smoked salmon (minimum 1kg), 20 fresh Brixham scallops on the half shell, 2kg Argentinian scarlet prawns (frozen); 1kg medium langoustines (frozen).
RRP £446. CCUK £249. Includes delivery by refrigerated van (not available to all postcodes).
To order items individually from this collection, please call Member Services on 020 7399 2960.

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