Just arrived: Superb fresh Sevruga Caviar (acipenser stellatus), the most rare of the classic ‘Top Three’ Caviars, with its fine, intense flavour: exclusive price for Club Members


Of all the caviar sturgeon, the Sevruga (acipenser stellatus) has proved the most difficult to farm,and therefore this caviar has been extremely rare. And because some caviar lovers prefer the intense flavour of Sevruga to all others, the good news is that Laura King MBE of King’s Fine Food has sourced the genuine acipenser stellatus so now our Members can once again enjoy Sevruga caviar—and at an advantageous price. For comparison, this Sevruga is sold in the London food emporia at £110 for 30g.

Sevruga caviar has smaller eggs than its two counterparts in the top tier of caviar—Beluga and Oscietra—and they are dark grey, almost black. The flavour is superb—fine, intense, sea-salty and delicious, and we are thrilled to have it back, particularly at these exclusive Club prices.

King’s Fine Food Sevruga Caviar (acipenser stellatus):
30g: RRP £46. CCUK £39.95.
50g: RRP £70. CCUK £63.
125g: RRP £161. CCUK £139.
250g: RRP £303. CCUK £269.
500g: RRP £607. CCUK £529.
1kg: RRP £1,214. CCUK £1,039.

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