Beautiful pure merino wool scarf by Abraham Moon

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The signature style of Abraham Moon’s work is the creation of beautiful and unique marl yarns, a technique that combines several colours to create a single colour, just as a heather moor looks purple from afar. So, in the very smart pure Merino wool Gun Club scarf pictured (which they create for a very smart gentleman’s tailors who shall be nameless), although one sees three colours, in fact there are six—olive, camel, dark brown, dark claret, bottle green and terracotta. This creates a greater depth of colour, which is not only very beautiful but it goes with more colours in the wardrobe. Even their plain colours are woven in marl yarns to create this extra depth.

This beautiful pure merino wool Abraham Moon scarf is from their Brönte collection. It is large (6ft by 10in, 183cm by 55cm), soft, and very smart, perfect with a plain coat or tweed (visit CC36MA01 to see the Chesterfield pure wool coat deal by Magee of Ireland, pictured above.).
Abraham Moon Pure Merino Wool Brönte Gun Club Scarf. RRP £35. CCUK £19.

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