The most opulent steak in the world! Welsh Wagyu (Kobe) Fillet, thick cut: 2 x 220g steaks


If you want to savour the delicious flavours and textures of the ultimate fillet steak, the steak served by Michelin-star chefs at £100 a time, this is it: the legendary Wagyu fillet steak from full-blood sires, considered by many to be the best in the world.

The steak is fork-tender, succulent, bursting with rich flavour—and as this steak is cut especially thick for our Members you can savour the full flavour and perfect, almost buttery texture.

Wagyu is of course the unique Kobe beef from Japan, one of the world’s finest gourmet foods, protected under Japanese law. But from 1992 to 1996, for the first time in Japan’s history they allowed their full-blood black Wagyu males and females to leave the country. This allowed the breeding of full-blood black Wagyu cattle in Australia, and the results are a gourmet dream.

The marbling of this amazing beef is scored on a sliding scale and Michelin-star chefs favour a score of five—the one connoisseurs believe offers the most memorable steak in flavour and texture. And, like those of the Michelin-star chefs, our steaks are 1 1/2in thick, so you can fully appreciate the steak—so often Wagyu is served too thin, to reduce the costs, but as you receive the chefs’ price, saving nearly £100 on six steaks, you can enjoy it at its optimum thickness.

So, to really treat yourself and impress the guests at your next dinner, here is a pack of succulent high-marbled Wagyu fillet steaks, thick cut and fresh. They take hardly any time at all to cook and are at their best served rare to medium rare.

Wagyu (Kobe) Beef Fillet Steaks, 2 x 220g (8oz) each, approximately 1 1/2in thick. Total weight 440g. RRP £75. CCUK £49. 2 x 220g steaks. Free UK mainland delivery.

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