Sensational Ibérico de Bellota pluma: the finest pork at the best price and quality: boneless feather blade, two pieces, minimum 1kg

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Spain’s acorn-fed, free-range Ibérico de Bellota ham is world famous—but the rest of this delectable pork is Spain’s best kept secret. But which cut do the gourmet Spaniards consider the best on the whole Iberico pig (besides the ham)? It is this—which they call pluma and is in fact the end of loin. It is tender, bursting with flavour that is both subtle yet full and rich—best described as the Wagyu of pork. This is how pork is supposed to taste, and the Club Tasting Panel is thrilled to have sourced supplies for our Members to enjoy!

Ibérico de Bellota pluma is a cut of pork from the black Ibérico pigs which range freely across the extensive dehesa oak forests of southwest Spain. There they feast on huge amounts of sweet acorns and natural grasses. This special diet gives an incredibly complex flavour to the pork, and the exercise allows the meat to be marbled with beneficial fats, while remaining fork tender. As with Wagyu beef, this marbling with flavorful fat melts away when you cook it—our Tasting Panel could hardly believe how tender, lean and rich it was. In comparison to this Iberico pork loin’s exceptional flavour, traditional pork seems bland and tough.

It isn’t the most beautiful cut of meat. Cut from the loin end, it has an uneven shape (which looks a bit like a feather, hence its Spanish name)—but grill these steaks over medium-high heat, or in a cast iron skillet or a barbecue. The delectable pork will sizzle and crisp on the outside, with a juicy pink centre (with this pork there is no need to overcook). Let it rest for five minutes—then serve and discover just why the Spanish keep their exceptional pluma to themselves!

The pork is flash frozen, which ensures it is as good as fresh when thawed. You receive two pieces totalling a minimum of 1kg, usually more (up to 1.4kg), and for you as a CountryClubuk Member it is £49 including delivery by refrigerated van (not all postcodes can be reached—please call us to check)

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