Clarissa’s delicious Better-Than-BBQ Organic Grass-Fed Peelham Farm Box: Sizzling Prime Steaks from ‘Pasture For Life’ Aberdeen Angus Sirloin and Rib to Rare Breed Pork Fillet: 3kg for a mere £73 delivered

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Clarissa Dickson Wright was a champion of fine, artisan food and this exclusive new steak box is from her Award winners, Peelham Farm of Berwickshire. Clarissa’s Better-Than-BBQ Organic Grass-Fed Peelham Farm Box is a delicious, home-farmed, grass-fed, organic prime steak box of succulent, delicious, full of flavour meat as it’s meant to be. It will give you 3 kilos to provide 14 quick, easy and varied main courses, from sizzling, mouth-filling sirloin and rib steaks to succulent pork fillet, rich gammon and lamb loin. It is guaranteed to taste wonderful, to be free of artificial additives, gluten, preservatives, flavour-enhancers, colorants and GMOs—and for you as a Club Member it’s an exclusive advantageous price of just £69 for 3kg delivered.
Clarissa’s award was presented to Denise and Chris Walton of Peelham Farm by the Environment Secretary at a Parliamentary reception where Baroness Mallalieu, Countryside Alliance president, said that Peelham fully realised Clarissa’s goal of local farms with strong animal husbandry, producing slow, artisan food, fostering our farming heritage: ‘Our winners live up to their motto: “Love the land, love the animal, love their meat”.’
Peelham is an organic mixed farm perched on the watershed between the lower reaches of Whiteadder Water and the Eye Water, with panoramic views of the Tweed Valley and the North Sea—where they are currently in the middle of calving all through the night! Their meats are full-flavoured, organic, free-range, grass-fed and from traditional breeds. Denise and Chris—now joined by their son Angus—do things properly, creating hedgerows, woodlands, grasslands, ponds, beetle banks and more to create a rich biodiversity, altogether creating an all-grass system to fully develop the flavours together with an on-farm butchery for animal husbandry at its highest.
Clarissa’s Better-Than-BBQ Box contains mouthwatering prime sirloin and rib steaks for quick and easy cooking from Peelham’s Aberdeen Angus beef cattle, not only grass-fed all year but now with the acclaimed ‘Pasture For Life’ accreditation to produce slow-fattened organic beef, well hung and with excellent flavour from tender, marbled beef. This is ‘Gold Standard’ farming, and you can tell by the taste! The succulent and delicious pork is from their full flavoured Tamworth/Duroc outdoor organic herd of ginger pigs, living literally high on the hog. Their sheep are also grass-fed, all organic, living contended lives in the Berwickshire hills. Peelham are great sausage makers too, so we added two samples of their gluten-free sausages to their steaks, made to their own recipes using their fresh meat, herbs and top-quality spices—no bought-in pre-mixes here!
Clarissa’s Better-Than-BBQ Organic Grass Fed Peelham Farm Box is 3kg and gives 14 exceptional main courses, giving you beef steaks, lamb steaks, pork fillet, gammon and sausages.
Aberdeen Angus Beef Sirloin Steaks, 2 x 250g
Aberdeen Angus Rib Steaks, 2 x 250g
Tamworth/Duroc Gammon Steaks, 2 x 300g
Tamworth/Duroc Pork Fillet, 2 x 200g
Lamb Loin Chops, 2 x 200g
Berwickshire Pork, Sage and Nutmeg Sausages, 1 x 300g
Great Taste Winning Merguez Sausages, 1 x 300g
Add your own salads, vegetables and some good wine—terrific! If your household is four or six, just order two or three boxes.
RRP £90. CCUK £73 with free UK mainland delivery. Order Clarissa’s Better-Than-BBQ Organic Grass-Fed Peelham Farm Prime Cuts Box.
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