Caviar Heaven: Imperial Oscietra and Royal Oscietra Tasting Collection: Superb Caviar and Members-only Deal: A Full 90g of Top Quality Fresh Caviar for only £139 delivered: currently unavailable


Here is perhaps the highest quality Oscietra you will taste: it’s from the Russian sturgeon acipenser gueldenstaedtii, a species native to the Caspian Sea, Black Sea and Azov Sea, and the quality and flavour are superb. Our Club Tasting Panel were blown away by this caviar—and our caviar-loving Members will be thrilled not only by the quality but by their exclusive CountryClubuk price!
Imported by the UK’s original caviar importers (founded in 1895 and still going strong!), this caviar is farmed to the highest standards by Calvisius of Italy, a caviar producer renowned worldwide. The Royal Oscietra is simply superb. With large, 2.9mm to 3.2mm eggs, its colour brown to dark brown with warm amber tones, its texture velvety and firm, it has a complex and persistent character with notes of hazelnut, butter and sea urchin.
As to the Imperial Oscietra, its golden tin is testament to the superlative quality—and a suitably splendid centrepiece for your table. Similar to the Royal Oscietra in colour and texture, it is a step up, harvested from sturgeon of 11 years and with even larger eggs at 3.3mm and above. Its flavours of hazelnut, butter and sea urchin are also complex and persistent, with added richness.
Together they are caviar heaven, and Members’ wholesale prices are eyewateringly good!
You can order the caviars separately in any weight from 30g for £39—or enjoy the new Imperial and Royal Caviar Taster Pack of two 30g tins of the Royal Oscietra and one 30g golden tin of Imperial Oscietra. Wow!
RRP £325 plus delivery. CCUK £139 including free UK mainland delivery.

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