Delicious Truffled Goose Foie Gras en Croute by Georges Bruck: World Famous Gourmet Delicacy at exclusive advantageous Members-only prices: last orders please for Christmas delivery


We are delighted again to have the exquisite foie gras d’oie truffe en croute by the world-famous Strasbourg foie gras specialists Georges Bruck: the legendary Truffled Foie Gras En Croute. Please order now for pre-Christmas delivery!

This is a favourite gourmet Christmas highlight—it is exactly the same as sold at the London gourmet emporia, as only Georges Bruck make this fabulous foie gras dish—and it is yours for much less eye-watering prices than others pay.

This celebrated goose foie gras looks most impressive as a festive centrepiece. The rich, buttery and delicate whole goose foie gras, cooked individually by the expert Georges Bruck chefs, is encased in a decorative pastry crust to preserve the delicate texture of the foie gras. The fresh truffles are cut into pieces and combined with the lobes.

It is then baked at a low temperature, creating the delicious croute. This decorative pastry case makes an impressive and intriguing centrepiece for your feast. It also makes a magnificent gift to send to your favourite bon viveur!

To serve, simply slice off the lid and scoop out the perfectly cooked foie gras with a spoon. Undoubtedly the most indulgent pie in the world, it is also eminently practical, having a long shelf life of 28 days as well as being the easiest gourmet luxury to serve.

It is available in the following sizes, all at the exclusive advantageous CountryClubuk Members-only prices:

Size 000 – 6 Persons: 355g – Non Mermbers £235. CCUK £189.
Size 00 – 8 Persons: 425g – Non Members £275. CCUK £215.
Size 0 – 10 Persons: 480g – Non Members £310. CCUK £239.
Size 1 – 12 Persons: 560g – Non Members £365. CCUK £285.
Size 2 – 15 Persons: 700g – Non Members £485. CCUK £385.
Size 3 – 20 Persons: 915g – Non Members £570. CCUK £449.
Size 4 – 25 Persons: 1.090 kg – Non Members £660. CCUK £525.

Please order now for pre-Christmas delivery!