Long and beautiful, the Belle Théa Necklace in natural lapis lazuli and 14ct yellow gold brings an elegant statement to the new collection


Understated yet striking, timeless yet modern, the gorgeous long Belle Théa Necklace is an elegant statement piece in the new collection. The eye-catching deep blue hues of more than 70 polished natural lapis lazuli gemstones is accented by 14ct yellow gold for a distinguished look, finished with a sophisticated 14ct gold clasp.

The name ‘lapis lazuli’ means ‘blue stone’ and its gorgeous blues have attracted the attention of civilisations and artists for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used it in jewellery, adornments and amulets, and to create blue cosmetics—hence the name of this lovely necklace, Théa being an Egyptian Queen. In the Renaissance, painters ground the stone to make ultramarine, a blue pigment used for skies and seas.

The lapis gemstones in this new necklace are deep blue shades, each unique and creating a beautiful colour scheme of varying shades and tones. The gems are large at 11mm diameter, and the necklace is a full 38in (96cm), designed to complement the long and leisurely vogue for AW21/22. It is also versatile: it can be doubled into a two-strand necklace to change the finished result.

This is a piece which will never go out of style, and always work as effortlessly over a cashmere knit or silk shirt as it does with a smart evening outfit to complete any look.

As the lapis are natural, each necklace is unique. It will arrive in a smart case for presentation, and can be gift wrapped and sent with a personal message.

Non Members £1,050. CCUK £579.

It arrives in a smart presentation case and carries a full 100% money back guarantee.

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