The King Charles III Coronation Spoon: a stylish heritage collectors’ piece to commemorate the State Occasion by old established cutlers and silversmiths Arthur Price of England


To celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III on May 6, the old established, family-owned cutlers and silversmiths Arthur Price of England have created a beautifully crafted, highly polished Coronation Spoon, decorated with the King Charles III cypher and portrait. The Coronation Spoon is one of the most interesting and important Medieval spoons and this is a stylish commemorative heritage piece for collectors and admirers of the Royal Family the world over.
The Coronation Spoon has an important, ongoing ceremonial role in the Coronations of the Kings and Queens of England. It is designed to be used by the Archbishop to anoint the Sovereign with holy oil, one of the Medieval holy sacraments, symbolising that the Sovereign is appointed directly by God. Although the Monarch is no longer considered divine in the same way, the ceremony also confirms the Monarch as the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, and the Coronation Spoon will play its part in the anointing ceremony prior to the Coronation of Charles III—for the first time to be carried out under the public gaze—as it has in the Coronation of every Sovereign, probably from as early as Henry II in 1154, and certainly from James I in 1603.
Arthur Price, established in 1902, have a tradition of producing commemorative spoons for Royal occasions (and Arthur Price himself produced the cutlery for the RMS Titanic captain’s table and first class passengers, a pattern they still produce today). Their new Commemorative Spoon is made in highly polished 18-10 stainless steel, its characteristically long stem patterned with interlaced scrolls linking a plain oval bowl to the handle and terminal, decorated with the word ‘Coronation’, the head of Charles III and the year 2023. A substantial piece, made in a limited edition, it arrives in its own individual presentation box.
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