Elegant Peugeot Le Capitaine Ship’s Decanter Magnum and Bottle Duo for wine aficionados and seafarers alike!


A fine decanter makes a wonderful gift—and elegant magnum decanters are difficult to find—so we were delighted to discover this Le Capitaine Decanter in magnum size as well as bottle. They are designed and beautifully made by the French wine specialists Peugeot, hand blown and based on the classic Georgian ship’s design streamlined into modernity to impress in any setting.
The flat-based, wide-based wine carafe is ideal for oxygenation of young red wines, the angled lip aids wine pouring, the large ground-glass stopper fits perfectly, and the finished decanter is a good weight which, allied to the well-proportioned design and stability of this ship’s decanter, creates a model of functional harmony for any wine lover, connoisseur—or seafarer!
They come as a set of two decanters, each individually gift boxed for presentation. Pair of Decanters, Magnum (150cl) and Bottle (75cl). RRP £150. CCUK £97.

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