Tried and tested wine gadget: smart two-in-one CaddyO mobile chiller keeps wine cool for al fresco dining at home and away


A quality wine cooler needs to do two things well: quickly and effectively chill the wine, then maintain that chill all day—and this new CaddyO chiller by Cellardine is great at both—it even made the Independent ‘Top Ten Wine Gadgets’ two years’ running!
Although it’s designed for enjoying alfresco wines at picnics, the beach, garden opera et al, the smart black cooling cylinder can be removed and used as another cooler for your wines at home—so effectively you have two wine chillers in one.
It’s big enough to take Champagne as well as wine and soft drinks, and easy to use—just leave the cylinder in the freezer—and it really does chill bottles in 30 minutes and keeps them cool for eight to nine hours. The high quality zipped neoprene carrying case is effisient, comfortable and hard-wearing—and has a waiter’s friend corkscrew built into the strap. It makes a great gift.
Cellardine CaddyO bottle chiller. RRP £39.99 plus delivery. CCUK Members £29 including free UK mainland delivery.

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