Warm hands at the push of a button: the smart, scentless Zippo HeatBank 6 Rechargeable Hand Warmer and Power Bank


If you or somebody you know spend long hours outdoors and suffer from cold hands, a hand warmer is a blessing much to be desired. Hand warmers have moved on since the old days of fuel-filled models: now they are rechargeable, they last longer, there is no messy fuel-filling, they are scentless and a mobile power bank.

Take the Zippo HeatBank 6 Rechargeable Hand Warmer and Power Bank. Zippo is the best name in warmth and firelighting of all sorts and we trialled this for our Members. True to the name, these ergonomically designed rechargeable furnaces give you up to six hours of continuous heat with the push of a button. Plus, the internal power bank feature charges USB compatible devices, so you can stay connected while enjoying the outdoors. This gives you toast-warm hands, long enough for a shoot or a day’s stalking, early spring salmon fishing, working the dogs or horses, or enjoying a day’s steeplechasing or field trialling, or even long winter hours spent hillwalking—or a top-up to warm you when out for long cold days working in the woods, farm or garden.

It’s rechargeable, smooth and comfortable in the hand, and does not give off a scent—far better than the old fuel-filled versions which emit fumes, and a great boon when shooting, stalking or working dogs, for example. If you are out hunting, keeping your hands warm with a Zippo 6 in your pocket, the huntsman will be delighted that the ladies and gentlemen in the field are not interfering with the scenting abilities of his hounds!

It’s easy to use; use the charging cable to power up and when you are out and about just tap the power button on top of the device to select your preferred heat from five levels up to 50°C—that’s it. And it becomes a mobile charging unit—you can use the USB slot to further charge mobiles, tablets and laptops on the go, which can be a great safety feature in wild locations.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 4.75in x 1.13in x 2.50in. Weight: 150g. One year warranty. Batteries: 1 x 5200 mAh Lithium. Charging port: 5V2A USB. Colours: Silver and green.

Code ZH20CW20. RRP £40 plus delivery. CCUK Members £32. Free UK mainland delivery.

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