CountryClubuk Salmon Flyfishing Experience Day with Dr Colin Bradshaw


Hosted by CountryClubuk Salmon Flyfishing Consultant and angling coach Dr Colin Bradshaw, these beginner days are designed for Members to enjoy a real taste of the thrill of salmon flyfishing along with the experience of a traditional but lighthearted ‘salmon day’, from learning how to cast, what to wear, knots, safety and general etiquette—along with, of course, the indispensable fine lunch.

The aim is to sample what the sport of flyfishing has to offer and then to be prepared for when you are invited on to the Junction pool of the Tweed! We want you to catch a salmon too—and if you are flexible when booking your date and can travel at short notice, then wait for the call for there to be a very good chance of hooking the king of fish—and October is a prime month.

We shall fish secluded private beats on smallish rivers, so long casting is never required but decent walking ability is important. The beats we use will depend on conditions but all are within 30 miles of Penrith on the M6 in Cumbria.

Colin has flyfished for salmon for over 40 years and is renowned for his beautiful, seemingly effortless casting style. A member of the Professional Anglers Association and a fully qualified, licensed angling coach, he will teach you the gentle art and appreciation of the sport, the salmon, and its glorious surroundings. (Photo: The angling writer Bill Currie fishing with Colin in Northumberland).

Duration: 1 Day. Price: Non Members £750 per person plus VAT. CCUK £480 per person including VAT (includes fishing permits, equipment and lunch).

If you are buying this experience as a gift you will receive a gift card for personalised presentation to your gift recipient. It will make a wonderful Christmas present for the recipient to enjoy next year.

To book a CountryClubuk Salmon Fishing Experience Day please click here or call Member Services on 020 7399 2960.