Fox & Chave Renoir Anemones Chiffon Scarf: Fine art in silk, the gorgeous chiffon stole from the Impressionist Collection


Here is a work of art created in silk, which has tremendously poignant depth. It is of course Anemones by the French Impressionist Auguste Renoir, who said, ‘For me a picture has to be something pleasant, delightful, and pretty—yes, pretty. There are enough unpleasant things in the world without us producing even more.’

This master, having lived a blessed life as one of the great French Impressionist painters until middle age, descended into an existence of pain through rheumatoid arthritis which gradually made his every movement excruciatingly painful. He chose Art over medication and painted a further 400 canvases.

Cheerful and productive to the end, he was painting a picture of a vase of anemones which his youngest son, Claude, brought to him the morning of December 3, 1919, on the day he died. Always moving forward, always discovering something new in his art and in the world around him, his last words were, ‘I think I’m beginning to understand something about it.’

This beautiful scarf, the Anemones Renoir adored, is indeed a work of art: uplifting, joyful. In shades of burnt orange and green, it chimes with the new spring season, lifting any look and surprisingly versatile as a final touch of Art to your outfits, perfect for a gallery opening, an opera performance (Glyndebourne choose this scarf for their opera-goers), a summer day at the races or regatta, garden party or summer holiday.

In high quality sheer chiffon silk, it is beautifully finished with hand-rolled edges. It is large and long enough at 180cm x 55cm to drape as an elegant stole over bare shoulders, or leave long and loose to add a splash of colour, and light enough to twirl around the neck once or twice, just as you please. It arrives in a presentation sleeve and makes an artistic and discerning gift.

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