Artistic, luxurious silk satin stole: the French symbolist painter Odilon Redon’s romantic ‘Ophelia Among the Flowers’: recreated in silk by Fox & Chave, double sided, reversible and warm


The fine art pastel ‘Ophelia Among the Flowers’ by the French symbolist painter Odilon Redon hangs in the National Gallery London. Finishing the work in 1905,
Redon took his theme from Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, symbolising Ophelia as a flower maiden in dream blossoms resembling lilac and strawberries, and blue leaves interspersed with the green. The colours are vivid shades of turquoise, blues and crimson.

This ‘Ophelia Among the Flowers’ design in pure silk by Fox & Chave creates a fabulously artistic and luxurious silk satin stole, lined with brushed silk in a contrasting periwinkle blue. It’s all you need to add just the right touch of imagination and flair to your look. Dimensions: 180cm x 50cm.

RRP £130 plus delivery. CCUK £97. Free UK mainland delivery