Probably the best farm duck you will ever taste: Johnson & Swarbrick Goosnargh Duck, approx 2.3kg: and now Dry Aged for even greater depth of flavour: no longer available

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Sadly, Johnson & Swarbrick have ceased farming, and their wonderful ducks are no longer available.
We are counting ourselves lucky to be able to supply our Members with the famous Johnson & Swarbrick of Goosnargh corn-fed ducks—and it was by way of introduction from Michelin Star chef-patron Nigel Haworth that our suppliers even managed to get a foot in the door! These supremely delicious birds with their deep, intense flavour, have been the subject of so much attention over the years from top chefs that we were keen for our Members to enjoy them—but getting them usually means joining a waiting list.
Now, at last, we have access to a regular supply of these exceptional ducks. And we are also able to enjoy them Dry Aged, giving you even deeper depth of flavour.
What makes these ducks so special if the Johnson and Swarbrick family’s care; these fine corn-fed ducks are hand-reared on the family farm at Swainson House, on the edge of the Ribble Valley, just as they have been since the 1960s. The family supply some very well known names (it’s like a who’s who of the restaurant world) including Mark Hix of Hix Restaurants, Chris and Jeff Galvin of Galvin Restaurants, Sydney Aldridge of Fortnum and Mason, and Nigel Haworth of Northcote Manor, to name a few. All this success is based on a simple theory: ‘An unhappy bird is a tough bird. A happy bird is a tasty bird.’
Goosnargh duck is a cross between Aylesbury and Peking, giving the best meat-to-bone balance with a good breast weight in particular. All the birds at Swainson House are treated with respect and fed on fresh food which the family grow on their own land. No genetic modifications, no growth promoters, no antibiotics nor any other additives included. This is the farm where the birds live in small flocks with twice the amount of recommended living space. It’s the farm where the birds don’t have to leave the farm to be processed—so they never spend any length of time in transport (in fact it’s usually nine minutes maximum). The birds are usually 56 days old when ready to be prepped, but in dry ageing the chefs require the flavour to be developed even more, by hanging the birds for several days. The result is probably the finest duck you will ever taste.
To have your duck delivered fresh, please order at least a week before you need it. Frozen ducks may be available if we have missed the order deadline, or if there are availability problems, but the fresh are worth waiting for. One of these amazingly good ducks is a perfect centrepiece for Christmas, and for any special dinner—your guests will be impressed, we guarantee it, our Tasting Panel are as smitten as the Chefs. The ducks are approximately 2.3kg.
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