Finest Great Taste Gold Award winning Iberico de Bellota Pata Negra Ham by the world famous specialists Beher in the Spanish mountains: Minimum 7.5kg, 100% acorn fed and cured for 32-36 months: Members save more than £100


Iberico de Bellota is one of the world’s finest hams. Known as ‘Pata Negra’ (blackfoot), it comes from pigs which roam the Spanish mountains and oak forests of the Sierra de Aracena, north of Seville, eating the acorns and herbs which give the meat its sweet, nutty flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture; it is unsurpassed. In fact, this ham from our gold-medal-winning supplier won not one but a Double Gold in the Great Taste Awards.

There is no smokiness to Iberico de Bellota as it is air-cured for more than 30 months, and despite spending three weeks in Atlantic sea salt before being washed and dried, it is low in salt. It is also high in monounsaturated fat and oleic acid, which stimulates the ‘good’ cholesterol and helps reduce the ‘bad’. In addition, 100g of meat contains only 190 calories. As a result, Iberico de Bellota is described as the carnivore’s ‘holy grail’.

Our producers are the famed jamon specialists Beher. Their pure-bred Iberico Pata Negra pigs spend the autumn roaming the oak forests of Extremadura. They fatten on the acorns lying on the forest floor, allowing the rich oleic acid from the acorns to infiltrate the meat. This gives it its distinct rich, nutty, melt in the mouth quality. And the oleic acid, which is the same as in olive oil, has its own health benefits as well. The ham leg is first salted for a few weeks, before being washed to remove excess salt. It is then hung to cure in the fresh air of the mountains near Salamanca. Each ham comes with instructions on how to care for it and tips on how to carve it.

This delicious ham makes a perfect centrepiece for a large gathering, and keeps well so even a small household will enjoy it to the full. It is a year-round gourmet dish—and of course it makes an exceptional gift for your favourite gourmand!

Great Taste Double Gold Award winner: Iberico de Bellota Ham on the Bone: minimum 7.5kg weight: cured 32-36 months.

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