Delicious Fresh King Scallops on the half shell with Infused Truffle Oil by Trivelli: instant gourmet delights, delivered sea-fresh to your door

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This gourmet selection of 20 scallops on the half shell together with white and black truffle oils to create the most sublime, quick and easy way to serve them for a gourmet lunch or dinner, is just as ordered by the top Chefs and, exclusively for Members, at the Chefs’ kitchen prices.

These scallops are not to be found in the local fishmongers—they are only for sale to the leading Chefs—and will give you the ultimate seafood to impress the most gourmet of your guests. Order now for delivery fresh to your door.

King Scallops on the Half Shell, 20 shells, with 1 x 250g infused black truffle oil and 1 x 250g infused white truffle oil (not to be confused with mere flavoured oils!). You would use a small amount of the truffle oils on the scallops, then continue using to enhance all your favourite foods!

Read on for details and click here for the CountryClubuk Chef’s recipe!