The Isthmus Necklace, a full 40 carats of gemstones: the most wonderful way to shower her with gems


The gorgeous new Isthmus necklace is a stunning way to shower her with gems. It contains more than 30 semi-precious gemstones weighing over 40 carats—a river of liquid blue topaz, deep red garnet, regal amethyst, spring-like peridot and golden citrine, cut and polished to perfection, craftsman-set in 14ct gold.

No woman could resist falling in love with it—not only is it fabulous as a piece of jewellery, it looks gorgeous no matter what the occasion, from a casual date to a dinner party or a winter ball. The stones shine and catch the light, making the necklace eyecatching without being ostentatious, and the colours go with every outfit. Length 18in.

RRP £1,875. CCUK Members £675.

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