Essential shooting kit: Deben’s slim electronic ear defenders: you can hear the birds: sold out


These ear defenders are sold out, and no longer produced. For the Bisley slim electronic hearing protection see separate entry in the Club Gunroom or call Member Services on 020 7399 2960.

With Deben’s slim electronic hearing protection you can hear the birds and your neighbour’s conversation without losing hearing protection. These ear defenders are favourites with our sporting Members, and the new electronic circuitry on the excellent DS4120s ensures even greater dynamic noise compression, and unique new low-profile microphone filters reduce annoying wind noise to very low levels. An impressive 23db SNR protection level and stainless steel headband improve safety and comfort.

The advanced circuitry enables the Gun to hear normally with a small measure of amplification, greatly benefiting wearers with impaired hearing—it is never too late to start protecting your hearing. During gunfire, the dynamic noise compression circuitry limits the sound at the ear to a maximum of 80dB. Self-locking volume controls prevent the defenders accidentally being switched on. The slim ear cup allows the Gun to mount his stock without hitting the cup, as happens with bulkier ear defenders. Battery life is more than 300 hours.

Deben DS4120 slim electronic ear defenders. Manufactured in the UK.

RRP £130 plus delivery. CCUK Members £97. Free UK mainland delivery.

Please remember: only CountryClubuk Members can order from the Club!

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