Precious tanzanite gemstones with amethyst, turquoise and gold: a sophisticated and original 40in designer necklace of natural beauty


At 40in long, this is a necklace which has the style, length and versatility to transform every look. The design is gorgeous and the precious tanzanite is such a fascinating gemstone—one of the world’s most rare. This is a wonderful way to shower a woman with gems!

Five precious tanzanite gemstones, juxtaposed with amethyst, turquoise and gold, create a sophisticated and original designer necklace of natural beauty.

It is sophisticated as a long single strand, perfect with a plain dress, and looks wonderful as a two-strand necklace, casual or dressy. It can also be worn as a glittering eight-strand bracelet. Gold vermeil, clasped in 14ct yellow gold.

RRP £1,250. CCUK £327.

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