Stunning Mythology necklace in Baroque Pearl, Moss Agate, Crystal and Sterling Silver


Handcrafted polished natural crystal, moss agate and baroque pearls are accented with sterling silver for a statement making necklace, the Mythology ncklace, created using natural gemstones. The designers have come back to gems in their raw state, for a silhouette full of good vibes and good design.

A Parisian woman’s favourite jewel, the irregular baroque pearl is teamed here with natural moss agate in the lovely branching and often delicate dendritic inclusions within these crystals, many of which look like moss, hence the name—and moss agate is believed to speed up recovery from illness and boosts the immune system.

As to the featured large oval crystal orb showcased at the heart of this necklace, it is fabulous. A beautiful crystal to admire, the benefits of wearing crystals are legion—to treat physical ailments and emotional issues, relieve stress and encourage happiness, prosperity and creativity. We can all do with more of all these!

Whatever the merits or otherwise of natural gemstones and their propensities for health, this stunning necklace is a beauty. It looks fabulous and will grace the neck in stunning fashion for an artifact-inspired statement necklace to wear any time and enhance any look.

Approximate length 18in (47cm). The main crystal orb is 30mm long. Arrives in a smart case for presentation.

RRP £339. CCUK £169.

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