Handmade Silver Brandy Warmer and Glass Snifter by Arthur Price of England: elegant gift for Cognac connoisseurs


Here’s the ultimate traditional yet modern gadget for brandy lovers: a handmade silver brandy warmer and glass by the silversmiths Arthur Price of England. It makes the tradition of warming brandy into an art form.

It features a silver plated round base and ring holder, which allows the tealight candle to gently warm the brandy in the snifter to the perfect drinking temperature. It helps a brandy connoisseur to fully savour the finest Cognac flavour and aroma—and it improves a less rarefied bottle.

Serving brandy in the snifter (also known as a brandy inhaler) provides the optimal drinking experience. The wide bowl allows you to swirl and warm the brandy in the glass, while the tapered opening directs the aromas to the nose and intensifies the flavours in the brandy.

And as an added point of interest, the horizontal angle created for the snifter in this set allows the perfect measure to be poured—keep pouring until the liquid touches the rim and you have it.

All in all, this is a perfect modern gift for an old-fashioned brandy lover, whether he—or she—is a connoisseur or enthusiastic amateur. It is presented in an Arthur Price of England gift box. Size: 16cm high x 12cm wide.

RRP £109 plus delivery. CCUK £79 including free UK mainland delivery.

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