Instant gourmet seafood delight: sea-fresh, mouthwatering Scallops on the half shell with infused white truffle oil, soy sauce, ginger and dill: paired with delicious off-dry Riesling for the ultimate combination

Plump, firm and sea-fresh roe-on scallops in their half shells arrive daily from the Devonshire coast, ready for the Michelin Star Chefs—and our Members! Fresh cut and cleaned into the half shell, this ensures their superb, sweet flavour is carried all the way to your own table. They are superb—and here is a quick and easy method of serving them, tried and tested by the CountryClubuk Chef!

This is a preparation rather than a recipe. The fresh scallops take no more than 2 minutes to steam, then all you do is to serve them on the half shell, inviting your guests to add to their own taste a combination of soy sauce, white truffle oil (infused), thinly sliced ‘matchstick’ slices of fresh ginger, sprigs of fresh dill and, if liked, a little chopped garlic, lightly browned in oil. The aim is for nothing to be overpowering—and the combination is divine!

The result looks wonderful too—as you can see in the picture—and the perfect wine pairing is the delicious off-dry Alsace Riesling, Cave de Hunawihr, Grand Cru `Rosacker`, Hunawihr’s flagship wine, which, happily for us is available in the Club Wine Cellar. Together, a match made in heaven. And for those who enjoy a drier wine, nothing beats the Pieropan ‘La Calvarino’ Soave, the ‘Grand Cru’ of Soave, as served at The Savoy and more, and which is also a superlative wine with this dish.

This scallop dish is unbeatable—and so quick and easy to enjoy as a gourmet starter.

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