Fox & Chave Celestial Map Silk Habotai Scarf: mapping the heavens in a dreamy summer evening stole in pure silk: hand rolled hems

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This floaty silk habotai celestial stole is the perfect sheer silk stole for summer evenings. The midnight silk is patterned with the unique and slightly mysterious star chart, man’s attempt to capture what we see and what we know about the night sky. Styles have evolved over time, from elaborate decorated maps of centuries ago to the modern era.

It’s a beautiful stole—part romance, part science—and not only is the midnight blue with white stars, annotations and lines in cream very beautiful, it is printed on high quality habotai silk that is almost translucent, with a cream hem, perfectly finished by hand rolling.

Dimensions 180cm x 55cm.

RRP £55 plus delivery. CCUK £39 including UK mainland delivery.