Elegant Italian pure silk duck flighting scarf from the Mantero VIII Spring Collection: sold out

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Our new Italian silk square from the Mantero VIII Spring Collection is the quintessential scarf for lady Guns. It is designed and made in Italy from the most beautiful silk, the edges rolled in the classic manner. It looks expensive and graceful. Look closely and you will see hunting horns woven within the silk—a distinguished touch. But it is the evocative duck flighting scene which really sets this scarf apart.

Two setters are working in the lower left-hand corner, among rushes at the edge of the flight pond. Several species of duck are paddling among the reeds and water lilies, with a flock of mallard in flight over the water.

The many country colours—blue water, brown rushes, green leaves and cloudy grey sky—make the scarf very versatile, adding the finishing touch to a great many outfits, not only out shooting or in the country. It looks equally good in Bond Street, and particularly lovely with plain black, brown, cream, camel, blues, reds and greens.

The scarf is approximately 3ft square (90cm) and will arrive in a smart presentation sleeve, making an original and tasteful present.
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