Delicious 2018 French Merlot by Flying Winemaker Hugh Ryman: a snip at £99 per case of 12 bottles delivered: sold out


We apologise but this wine is sold out and currently unavailable.

Finding a good wine at an expensive price is easy—the trick is to find a French wine without a hefty price tag yet still delicious enough to drink regularly and to confidently serve your guests. Our Club Tasting Panel were pleased this week to find a new Merlot from near Caucasonne, in the Languedoc, which totally fits the bill.

Soft, rounded and full of plummy fruit, this Orbiel & Freres Merlot 2018 made by brilliant winemaker Hugh Rymann is a delicious southern French red. Smooth and supple, bursting with dark fruit—plums, raspberries, dark cherries—and cocoa, with hints of freshly ground coffee, this is a smooth Merlot which you can drink alone—and it pairs beautifully with pork and lamb, with mushrooms, hard cheese and more. It’s also a delicious dark chocolate pairing—it will even work with raspberries and cream—try it!

Orbiel & Freres is named after the river which meanders through the Minervois appellation, an essential part of Languedoc life for the vignerons of the region. Today, the area is part of the world’s largest wine producing region. It is especially renowned for the quality of its local co-operative cellars, and 10 of these co-ops got together and invited high-flying winemaker Hugh Ryman to take his pick of their fruit, in order to create wines which offer unbelievable value for money.

He chose Merlot—as well as our previous launches, Grenache-Syrah and Marsanne-Savignon Blanc, both of which are already firm Members’ favourites! And apart from his skills as a winemaker, Ryman is best known for being the inspiration behind the film ‘A Good Year’ starring Russell Crowe, and while he might not be as handsome as Russell, his Orbiel & Freres wines stand head and shoulders above anything else at this price.

Drink up to four years after release.

Non-Members £130. CCUK £99 including UK mainland delivery.

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