Last of the Dom Pérignon 2009: exceptional Champagne at an amazing CountryClubuk Members’ price: single bottle, gift boxed and delivered, only £119: vintage sold out

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The 2009 vintage is now sold out. Please see the new vintages in the Club Cellar.

Dom Pérignon needs no introduction: it is the prestige Champagne, one of the greatest, most famous names in wine. Capable of ageing for decades, one of the most complex and elegant of wines, it is the perfect wine for important occasions, and one which our Members can enjoy more often, thanks to the Club’s wine wholesale prices. Prestige Champagne might not be perceived as being a bargain but, compared to equivalent Bordeaux and Burgundy, it’s a snip. A single bottle of the 2009 Château Pétrus, for example, is £4,000. An increasing number of Champagne drinkers are noting this, and seeing great Champagne for what it is, a classic wine, deserving respect at the table as a fine wine with food, and not merely to be reserved for a celebration.

Take the Dom Pérignon 2009 vintage for example. The classic aperitif, it also pairs beautifully with caviar, foie gras and strawberries. It’s a wonderful vintage, which is drinking superbly now, will cellar until 2035, and we have only a few single bottles remaining. It has the critics in ecstacy: ‘majestic’, ‘totally seductive’, ‘glorious fruit’, ‘lovely texture’, they enthuse. Richard Geoffroy, Dom Pérignon Chief de Cave, always measured in his view, described it as having ‘restrained power and incredible persistence’, adding ‘The texture is not creamy, it’s silky’. Released ahead of the 2008, it is indeed a wonderful Champagne, and one our Tasting Panel highly recommend.

They note the 2009 as irresistibly vibrant, with a very fine mousse and flavours of delicate ripe stone fruit with solid and rich layers of brioche, ripe pear and hazelnut: delicate freshness, superb polished finish. We are delighted to have secured cases for our Members, but now we are down to just a few single bottles.

Single bottle, gift boxed, including free UK mainland delivery.

RRP £150 plus delivery. CCUK £119.

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