A pure silk bow tie for the artistic man: Members pay a mere £19 per tie


The bow tie is all about real personal style. It was once described as a ‘garment that combines confident flourish with absolute respectability’, and we are rather pleased to have at hand for our Members the artistic, high-quality pure silk bow ties designed by Fox and Chave of Buckinghamshire, who are renowned for their national art gallery and museum collections.

There is no point in wearing a bow tie unless you plan on tying it yourself, with your own fair hand. Place a mathematically perfect pre-tied bow tie under your chin and you forsake all individuality. The hand-tied bow’s moody loops and unpredictable swirls give you that subtle insouciance, that desired aplomb. So here are four of the most artistic pure silk bow ties with which to conjure and create:

First, from Sir John Soanes Museum in London (pictured top), comes the Adam Burnt Orange, a silk tie based on the architecture of the Adam brothers. Their business started in London, focusing on designing complete schemes for the decoration and furnishing of fine houses. Palladian design was popular, but Robert Adam evolved a new, more flexible style incorporating elements of classic Roman design alongside influences from Greek, Byzantine and Baroque. The striking design in this bow tie shows an architectural pattern typical of Robert Adam.

From the Museum of Modern Art in New York (second tie down) comes Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, painted in 1889 during his stay in an asylum, and a highlight of the collection. Here it is depicted in a detail showing the stars and swirling sky, presented in a way that typifies the brush stokes of Van Gogh.

And then there are two Art Deco designs: the Deco Black and Red in graphic abstract lines in shades of of ivory, grey red and black (third tie down) and the monochrome Deco Grille in black with an ivory fan and grill design. Both are extremely smart and individualistic.

All these ties are beautifully made, adjustable, self-tie bow ties printed on heavy silk, and they arrive flat and smartly boxed for presentation.

RRP £30 plus delivery. CCUK £19. Free UK mainland delivery.

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