Belgian cocoa dusted chocolate truffles, premium enrobed truffles as served in Michelin Star establishments: 2kg, more than 260 pieces: currently unavailable

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We apologise, but these dusted chocolate truffles are currently unavailable. For more truffles, please click here.

These new cocoa dusted chocolate truffles are exquisite. They are the truffles served in Michelin Star restaurants with coffee and we are delighted our Members can enjoy them at a fraction of their value.

They are supreme quality, made by the same Belgian artisan maker who make our flaked Belgian truffles. The premium truffles are enrobed with an extra layer of Belgian chocolate and the result is an intense chocolate experience—not too sweet, simply perfect, a truly refined chocolate made from 100% cocoa butter and top quality cacao, without artificial colours or flavours. And as with our flaked Belgian truffles they are not available to the public—but you may well find them, rebranded, at enormous expense!

They arrive within a plain white box from their artisan makers, foil wrapped for freshness, so to give them as a gift they need a gift box. But at the Club price for a full 2kg of this quality (266 pieces), it’s amazing.

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